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I know it's been done before but where can I buy long skinny jeans?

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DS is 6'3" and 10 stone.
I cannot find anywhere on line or in store that sells skinny black jeans in size w30" L36".

All his trousers are above the ankle.
I have scoured TKMaxx, Topman don't seem to go longer than 34length and Primark say they do 36" but I have yet to find a pair.

Sparklingbrook Thu 08-Oct-15 18:17:17

DS is a 30/36. It's a huge PITA.

At the moment he is wearing skinny black jeans from Primark in a 30/34 which are just doing the job lengthwise. I have never seen a 36" leg in there-worth an email?

I bought a pair of suit trousers for school for him from Debenhams Red Herring and they are a 30/36 but haven't looked for jeans.

I feel your pain.

He doesn't wear uniform at sixth form, unless you count black skinnies as one grin.
i've looked at Debenhams and XL are only available in size 34"w upwards.

Sparklingbrook Thu 08-Oct-15 19:25:11

That's the problem. Next does a longer length but the waist starts at 34". angry

They don't expect anyone to have a long leg and small waist.

Formal wear for 6th Form for DS1. Can't decide whether I like it or not.

I'm not a fan of the trend for "smart business" in 6th forms. If you can't be scruffy individual at college it's too bad.

Even 30" waist are quite roomy on DS.

southeastastra Thu 08-Oct-15 20:05:02

Uniqlo are long

Sparklingbrook Thu 08-Oct-15 20:08:54

They describe it in the rules as 'formal wear'. They all look very smart TBF,and quite different in the range of colours etc but around here it does seem to be jeans and hoodies in Year 12 so DSs school have decided against that for some reason.

DS1 is officially a 28" waist so a belt is always necessary. sad

Shame about the belt Sparkling. It kind of defeats the object of skinny jeans if they have to be held up. grin.
I've looked at Uniglo. Max length is 34", at least in size 30" waist.
It would help on these websites if you could search by size.
I had hoped there would be a rush of posters telling me lots of places I could buy long thin jeans. [disappointed].

DS has a new strategy. His drawer full of multi coloured socks have been evicted in favour of plain black in order to disguise half mast trousers.

Sparklingbrook Fri 09-Oct-15 09:27:17

Does it? They are still skinny jeans. confused It's a very nice belt.

YY to the plain black socks. I have told DS the pale grey ones cannot be worn.

Savagebeauty Fri 09-Oct-15 09:29:52

River Island?

DS wears a belt and his jeans just look baggy, rather than the sprayed on look I imagine he was aiming for?
Just looked at River Island and they don't have 30wXL.
I guess black socks are cheaper than new jeans. Maybe he will wear boots?

myotherusernameisbetter Fri 09-Oct-15 10:30:48

...I think black socks, converse hi tops or similar are the way to go - I am still managing to get away with 34 leg length with DSs but both are a bigger waist size (one 32 and the other 34/36) but they still have a bit of growing to do DS1 is nearly 6'2 and just 15 and DS2 just turned 14 and 6'

If I remember correctly DS1 has a pair of Superdry jeans (not black though) that are very long. Might be worth a look?

TillITookAnArrowToTheKnee Fri 09-Oct-15 12:45:35

Hopping on, DH is 6'4 and a 28/36 - usually buy him a 30/34 and he wears them low slung with hi top Converse.

myotherusernameisbetter Actually DS was a bigger waist at 15 than he is now at 17. As he's grown he's got thinner.He had a much later growth spurt than DS1 who was 6' at age 12 but hasn't grown much since.
It's ridiculous that no one makes these. No doubt all these skinny boys fill out eventually and can wear size 34" waist which seems to be when 36" length starts.
I hope he doesn't go for the half way down his bum look hmm.

myotherusernameisbetter Fri 09-Oct-15 14:42:45

Yes that's what happens with mine too - DS2 is bigger in the waist at the moment as he is winding up to a new spurt - out and then up is the way in our house. I expect they will settle at a 32/34 same as DH

I found some here. Nudie Jeans.
They even do W28 L36" Sadly the cheapest pair is £89!!
Link for those who don't think that's an insane price for jeans.

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