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St Swithuns?

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MIlesdavis Tue 08-Sep-15 21:09:41

My daughter is dyslexic and struggles academically, but she is very bright, fantastic at writing, art and drama. Not sporty at all. She's inherited my klutz genes I'm afraid. And maths are average (again inherited from her mother). I am looking at St. Swithuns as it's near where we live and has an excellent reputation. I know someone who goes there and says it's not the hothouse everyone says it is - they are just incredibly good at bringing out the best in every student. Should we try for it or is it going to be way too selective. My daughter is 12. Many thanks!

MIlesdavis Thu 10-Sep-15 19:40:23


MrsCaecilius Mon 02-Nov-15 16:11:37

To be honest, if she struggles academically it might not be the school for her. I was there 20 odd years ago and it might have changed, but there was a general expectation that most girls were academic and capable of A/Bs at A Level, as well as being involved in sport/music etc.

It is a good school and you should speak to them and look round, but I think it would add significant pressure for a child who isn't that way inclined.

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