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Parenting adult children - book?

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Bronwen11 Thu 20-Aug-15 18:58:02

Just been talking to DS, 19. Other DCs are older. No major problems but realised that there's much I need to know, understand, think about. Of course, experience is a great teacher but then I thought about the parenting books I read when the kids were a lot younger. Some were hopeless, some fairly interesting and one to two positively inspiring.

So went to goggle and could only find some quite old books on the subject, and all from the US, several with distinct religious undertones (fine by me but not an approach I could too obviously take with the DCs - or the DH). OK but I wondered if anyone could recommend a book I could get my teeth into, as it were. Sometimes, actually, quite often, I think that I'm missing a trick with my DCs and their problems - that if I had a plan, strategy, idea up my sleeve, that might diffuse things (when necessary), help them and enable me not only to cope but to actually enjoy this time with my older children.

Many thanks!

Heyho111 Fri 21-Aug-15 00:29:15

There's a brilliant book called
Get out my life but first take Alex and me to town.

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