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friendship woes

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mollymai41 Sun 16-Aug-15 12:48:14

DD14 has had quite turbulent friendships since secondary and I am just curious as to how common this is?!

They tend to follow a pattern of having an intense "best friend" relationship which is rather cringe and OTT. Then a month or six in they seem to get sick of each other and begin becoming snappy and bitchy towards one another. Then either someone else "steals" her best friend or DD makes a new "best friend". It all seems rather childish to me and can be quite all consuming when these friendships end. DD has a wider circle of friends within school but they seem to have that one "best friend" that they spend time with outside of school. She does occasionally meet up with her wider circle, I have tried the whole speech on how its better to have a few good friends rather than one best friend as these friendships tend to become to intense. DD is a wreck when it goes wrong and becomes very anxious/angry and is either quite bitchy towards them or vice versa! I don't remember this when I was younger maybe primary but not at this age!

The house is currently under a cloud of anger as DD's "best friend" has posted pictures of her and another girl saying she's her "world and one and only best friend" having blown DD out for the last few weeks.

Unescorted Sun 16-Aug-15 12:51:02

We have exactly the same.... <sigh>

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