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Been a long week!

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Lolimax Sun 09-Aug-15 17:55:18

DS is 17 and is in Romania with the cadets. He hasn't taken his mobile with him. And it's now been 7 days since I last spoke to him. Yes he's 17. Yes I know he's fine or I would have heard something. But he's my baby. And it's been a long week! I keep looking at my phone longing for it to ring from some Romanian pay phone. Someone tell me to grow a pair!

BareGrylls Sun 09-Aug-15 18:41:15

Oh you poor thing, why on earth didn't he take his phone?Is there still such a thing as a pay phone?
DS2 (17) was away for 4 days and I got a very short text each day. I knew that no contact meant he was having fun, but it's still hard waiting to hear.

Lolimax Sun 09-Aug-15 19:25:07

Well it's partly my fault as I religiously stuck to the joining instructions which suggested taking nothing of any value (and he's lost so many over the years!!). He phoned last weekend so say they were safe but nothing since then and this mammy is going up the wall!! Not helped by his sister having her A level results on Thursday so she's having kittens as well. One stressed household sad

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