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BT gives 16 year old control of PARENTAL CONTROLS and SPEND with BT Mobile SIM

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wrichards Thu 06-Aug-15 19:40:24

WOW.. I really cannot believe this.

I have managed parental controls and spend in my household with my BT ID for two years.

I recently passed a BT mobile sim to my 16 year old sibling. She was prompted to create a BT ID through the BT app which she duly did.

Afterwhich, my BT ID was downgraded to 'secondary' and I LOST CONTROL OF SPEND AND PARENTAL CONTROLS to a CHILD!

So I call BT - there is nothing they can do for me to regain control of the account, I have to find out passwords and log into the accounts and do this MYSELF.

Furthermore, if any of the children with access to a BT mobile and our account number (which is plastered over the BT mobile sim documentation) choose to login again - they would be GIVEN THE OPTION TO TAKE CONTROL AGAIN. This means they could set their own SPENDING limits, access X-RATED websites both through broadband at HOME and on their MOBILE, and even BUY new products, indeed my 16 year old sister has been permitted to do any of this for the whole of last WEEK.

This is unbelieveable - and BT CANNOT EVEN ASSIST!.

Safeguarding of children issue much?

wrichards Thu 06-Aug-15 19:41:55

To clarify - BT gave control of PARENTAL CONTROL and SPEND across the whole household, including LANDLINE, BROADBAND, BT TV and ALL BT MOBILE SIMS.

pretend Thu 06-Aug-15 19:45:29

Is there something WRONG WITH YOUR caps LOCK ??

I'm just ASKING BECAUSE I'm a bit WORRIED in case BT have CHANGED YOUR COMPUTER settings.

NewLife4Me Thu 06-Aug-15 19:46:54

At 16 though she is considered an adult. She could be married with a child.
Yes, we need parental controls for children but not young adults, they are in charge of themselves if they so wish.

Sparklingbrook Thu 06-Aug-15 19:49:20


HoneyDragon Thu 06-Aug-15 19:49:20


They fucking deserve capitals. BT shouldn't transfer sim ownership like that and expect another to foot the bill, but they don't give a shit as long as they get your cash.

Sparklingbrook Thu 06-Aug-15 19:50:00

I HAVE SKY [griin]

pretend Thu 06-Aug-15 19:52:44

BT are TWATS, you are NOT WRONG.

Is a SIXTEEN year old not TRUSTWORTHY as regards T'INTERNET though?

NerrSnerr Thu 06-Aug-15 19:52:46

When she created the profile through the app what did the t&c say?

Can you just ask your sibling for the passwords?

HoneyDragon Thu 06-Aug-15 19:53:42

Fuck off Sparkling you git <brandishes fist>

I'd give ANYTHING to be with SKY again. The only supplier I can have is FUDGECOCKING BT.

I'm currently waging war with them on a daily basis.

I hate them. I'm convinced they treat their staff like shit because no matter how nice I am every person I spoke to has been bloody rude.

NerrSnerr Thu 06-Aug-15 19:56:18

Oh I misread. She hasn't taken over the parental controls of your account, just her own. I'm sure at 16 she'll be fine- especially as she's old enough to be a parent herself.

Archfarchnad Thu 06-Aug-15 19:57:20

It's very WORRYING that you see your 16 YEAR OLD as a CHILD. Sure, he's a MINOR, but as others have pointed out, he could be married by now and living alone.

But I believe you ENTIRELY that BT can't assist because that is their DEFAULT SETTING.

HoneyDragon Thu 06-Aug-15 20:01:08

The money's an issue too, it is the ops sibling not child. I assume op is still paying the bill.

Also, at sixteen I think it's reasonable to not necessarily want them to access things on the net. If the can't see it at the cinema why see it at home.

I think it's deliberately obtuse to class a sixteen year old as an adult. They are a child.

BT wouldn't give them an account directly so this shouldn't happen.

HoneyDragon Thu 06-Aug-15 20:02:27

And since when was marriage a sign of maturity or responsibility? confused

pretend Thu 06-Aug-15 20:06:19

Ha! I got married at 39

It was a fucking disaster grin

ThatJustAintCricket Thu 06-Aug-15 20:07:02

I don't understand, is the girl your sister? Why would you have control over your sisters account? <easily confused>

TheHormonalHooker Thu 06-Aug-15 20:12:32

This is the opposite of our experience. <eyes the mountain of paperwork BT have sent to me since asking for Sims and setting them up for all 4 of us>!

Firstly you gave her the SIM, so it was your respsonsiblity to read the small print and T&Cs before you did so.

Secondly you're not prompted to set up any account via the app. You don't even have to download the app, it's not compulsory.

Thirdly everytime you make a change to anything they write to the accountholder telling them of the change that has been made and telling you what to do if you've not authorised it. They, also, ring your landline number with an automated message.

Fourthly, you change the spend settings and parental control per number, not per account. DS2 has strict limits on his spend because I pay it, DS1(20) pays me for what he uses so he has put his own limit. The parental controls were an arse ache to change because to give BT their due, when the SIMs arrived, the sites you could get on to were very limited.

wrichards Thu 06-Aug-15 20:13:05


the fact she is 16 is irrelevant - if you gave a BT sim to a 12 year old, they would be able to do the same.

wrichards Thu 06-Aug-15 20:15:31

I can guarantee I've not received any correspondence from BT regarding any change in the account.

I know spending caps are per number not account - but she has been given control over the whole account including phone, broadband, TV and 4 BT Mobile numbers.

wrichards Thu 06-Aug-15 20:19:10

So, I'm sorry, but what you're saying is that because she's 16, she should be able to access the whole household account including broadband and TV, buy phones and new services on my behalf from my direct debit, control four peoples mobile spending, and bypass the parental controls - all of which i can not longer do.


Sparklingbrook Thu 06-Aug-15 20:20:24


TheHormonalHooker Thu 06-Aug-15 20:21:28

What do you see when you log into "My BT"? I've just logged in, I can change the parental controls for all 4 phones and the home internet and change the spending limits.

NerrSnerr Thu 06-Aug-15 20:22:41

Is the sim part of the contract for the tv package etc? If so then are you actually allowed to pass it on to someone else?

TheHormonalHooker Thu 06-Aug-15 20:24:40

No, Nerr. BT do BT mobile now. It's really cheap and the coverage is great.

wrichards Thu 06-Aug-15 20:24:42

I see the bills and can download virus software etc. but no access to parental controls, spending limits, direct debit details etc. as the options have gone because I am listed as 'secondary account' holder.

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