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Pre-teen hairy DD - what to use for legs and armpits?

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banshee1 Thu 20-Dec-12 14:06:21

I had exactly the same issue with my daughter - she has very dark hair and infact we took her to a specialist as we were so worried but he assured us he was just her hair type. She's been sugared since she was about 11 - we go to a lovely lady in her home and they have a natter while she gets her legs, armpits and upper lip done - she now has big hair free patches on her legs - it's not cheap but it will be permanent - good luck

Al0uise Thu 20-Dec-12 07:29:25

The chemicals in hair removing cream are a scary combination. I'd take her to be waxed or invest in some laser hair removal, she will thank you for that when she's older &reap the benefits now.

Fragglewump Thu 20-Dec-12 07:24:07

Shaving doesn't make hairs thicker or anything like that. Because the blade slices the hair straight across the thickest part of the hair shaft the hairs feel thick and coarse when they grow back. If she started waxing then over time the hairs are reduced as the repeated ripping of the hair root weakens it and it gives up. After years of waxing my underarm hairs are reduced by around 70%! I would try to avoid a razor in the bath or shower as those cuts are hard to avoid and stung like billio!

MadameCastafiore Thu 20-Dec-12 05:49:32

Buy her a wet and dry lady shave. No chemicals or getting crap all over towels or bed linen and they can do it themselves.

mummabear1 Thu 20-Dec-12 03:55:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fairyjay Wed 22-Nov-06 11:24:09

Dd uses Veet on her legs, and a razor under her arms.

scatterbrain Wed 22-Nov-06 11:18:22

Maybe !!

Altho my dd was destined to inherit her dad's welsh rugby playing legs sadly ! At least she didn't get the broken nose and cauliflower ear with them !

Sherbert37 Wed 22-Nov-06 11:17:42

DD was born with a very hairy back, poor thing. Has beautiful curly dark hair (my 2 DSs are blonde) but she hates it and wants it blonde and straight. Never satisfied are we?

dabihp Wed 22-Nov-06 11:15:33

u think all the hormones in water are makign kids hairier?

Sherbert37 Wed 22-Nov-06 11:14:56

Many thanks. Felt things must have moved on from my rusty Bic.

scatterbrain Wed 22-Nov-06 11:14:21

My friend's DD has had her legs waxed since she was 10. She uses a razor on her armpits too.

Is it actually true that shaving makes the hair grow more ? or more sepcifically makes more hairs grow (density wise ?) anyone know ?

My dd (6) is very blonde but has really really hairy little legs !

Another thing which is good is those abrasive discs you can buy (Silky Mitts ?) which rub the hairs off legs - no good for armpits though. I might try Silky Mitts for your daughter - no blades, cheap, easy and either you or she could do it. They don't hurt at all.

ledodgychristmasjumper Wed 22-Nov-06 11:14:20

Yeah that's a good point . I had an battery shaver when I was around 12 and it was great.

yoyo Wed 22-Nov-06 11:11:20

I had an extreme reaction to a hair removing cream so am reluctant to go down that route.

ledodgychristmasjumper Wed 22-Nov-06 11:10:49


yoyo Wed 22-Nov-06 11:10:22

My DD is ten and has lots of dark underarm hair which she is just becoming very self-conscious about. She has to take part in a multi-school swimming event at the w/e and has hinted that she would like to do something about it. I have an electric shaver and if she really does want to then I will show her how to use that.

ledodgychristmasjumper Wed 22-Nov-06 11:09:57

\llink{\I'd give her something like veet}

Sherbert37 Wed 22-Nov-06 11:04:58

DD is nearly 12 and very hairy! Always has been. Now has very noticeable dark hairs on her legs and under arms. I do not want to give her a razor but I am not up on what young girls use in the way of creams. Any suggestions as she is very self conscious during PE.

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