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Can you please tell me what your 13/14 year olds eat today?

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Tigerblue Tue 28-Jul-15 10:24:30

Can you let me know what your 13/14 year olds eat today and roughly size of portion, as I'm trying to get an idea of how much others consume.

Saw doctor about 15 months ago and she said she was more concerned my DD was underweight than the fact she had tonsillitis.

I've been trying to give DD more on her plate and encourage snacks, extra things but she's only put on 4lbs since then. She is happy, healthy (has only needed to see doctor once since 2009), has started her periods and I can't see her ribcage, but I'm still concerned in case she needs to see the doctor again sometime.

While she's at home with me over the hols, I'm trying to make a concentrated effort into getting more into her, but interested to know what others eat.

moogalicious Tue 28-Jul-15 10:32:10

What's her weight and height? Dd is slim and is about 5ft and 7 stone. Has started periods etc

Today she'll eat:
- 3 weetabix with semi skimmed milk for breakfast
- toasted sandwich and yogurt for lunch
- thai red curry and noodles for dinner. Second helping of noodles. yogurt or similar for pudding
- cheese and crackers or crisps for a snack
- a couple of weetabix/small glass chocolate milk later in the evening.

moogalicious Tue 28-Jul-15 10:34:40

forgot to say, she's not sporty but quite active eg today she's helping at a club all morning and we'll do a couple of hours dog walk this afternoon. The rest of the day spent on phone/pc

Rivercam Tue 28-Jul-15 10:35:36

I have two boys, aged 15 and 13.

Breakfast - shred dies or two weetabix, sometimes also toast

Lunch - sandwich ( two slices of bread),
- scrambled egg or boiled egg (two eggs)
-crisps ( not everyday)

Eve meal - Spag Bol, pizza and chips, fish and veg, chops, roast etc
- ice cream, crumble, pies, yoghurt

13 year tends to graze on fruit or biscuits. 15 year generally sticks to three meals a day

Portion size - similar to adults, maybe slightly smaller, but not a lot

Tips to encourage eating- eat at the table, not on sofa,
-don't make food an issue
-encourage did to cook cakes, biscuits etc
Have best fruit you can afford as you Re more likely to eat it
Go,strawberry picking
Buy smoothies, milkshakes etc

bigTillyMint Tue 28-Jul-15 10:38:33

DS is 14. Today he has had 2 big bowls of chocolate cereal with loads of milk plus 2 slices of toast and peanut butter a glass of apple juice and a cup of tea for breakfast, 2 rounds of cheese sandwiches a bag of sweet potato crisps and 4 small choc chip cookies for lunch, and a big pork chop, carrots and mash plus a slice of chocolate cake for tea. And lots of water all day. I only know this for sure because we are on holiday and he often eats way more.
DD (16) has eaten similar though just a bowl of porridge for breakfast, just 2 cookies and less mash for dinner.

BareGrylls Tue 28-Jul-15 11:48:24

Two boys here. At 13/14 I could not fill them. They ate roughly 2 or 3 times what DH eats. Huge portions at every meal, puddings and constant snacks (carbs not fruit).
Thankfully past that stage they have normal appetites now and both have always been tall and skinny. DS2 is a little underweight but only due to huge growth spurts.

BertrandRussell Tue 28-Jul-15 11:51:33

What does she weigh and what does the Dr think she should weigh? Does she look thinner than her friends? Is she developing normally?

JustDanceAddict Tue 28-Jul-15 14:24:24

My DD is just 13 and today (so far) she has eaten
bowl of cereal, breakfast pancake w nutella and banana, orange juice.
She's at a club til 3 and I made her packed lunch whcih was marmite sandiwch, quorn chicken deli bits, a satsuma, a club biscuit and some cucumber and pepper.
She will probably have fruit and maybe something else when she gets back.
Dinner, I don't know yet, and then she'll have more fruit probably and yog/ice cream.

Yesterday she had cereal/toastjuice, similar pack-up for lunch, then I made enchilladas for dinner and she had fruit and oreos ice cream afterwards.

She's very slim - around 164cm and 6 stone.

OldBeanbagz Tue 28-Jul-15 14:32:34

My 13yo DD is 5ft 4in and weighs approx. 6st 4lbs.

On a typical day she'll eat...

Breakfast - cereal with milk
Lunch - sandwich, fruit and maybe a small treat
Dinner (today) - veg risotto, fruit afterwards

She doesn't eat anywhere near the amount her friends seem to do but she's very health and rarely at the doctors. She always has small adult portions, the same as me.

I can see her ribs but i know she's always been slim so don't worry about it too much. Her brother is also skinny.

nooka Wed 29-Jul-15 06:28:41

My dd is 14 and just under 6 foot. Not sure how much she weighs at the moment, but the last few times we've done her BMI she's been pretty much in the middle.

As it's the holidays she doesn't really get up for breakfast, so I guess she only really has two meals really, and a few snacks. Tonight she made us japanese rice stuffed omelets and she had the same sized portion as me, dh and ds (16).

Usually she has an egg for breakfast (this used to be with toast but she's got a mouth full of metal at the moment and isn't keen on things that are too chewy). Lunch is a big sandwich, small pack of veges, piece of fruit and a couple of biscuits (same as me). Snack when she gets home and then adult helping of supper. She's not hugely active (more of an arty creative type).

nooka Wed 29-Jul-15 06:31:00

Oh and ds is very thin. Used to be on the sixth centile. All his bones stick out a bit including his ribs but he eats loads (always has) and is very active. We've only ever had positive comments from healthcare professionals.

Madmog Wed 29-Jul-15 10:18:35

Believe it or not we had pretty much the same thing 18 months ago, and I'm a bit worried next time we need to go back to the doctor (not that it would stop me if DD needed one). DD was 12 then and I was told if she didn't start her periods within a year, I needed to take her back about that (Dr said she should start a very similar time to me) - luckily she started just after she turned 13.

I find it hard to fatten DD up as well, she's still under 6st and 149cm (not worried about height as Granny's side of family are very small and she's a bit taller than Granny).

Eating a little differently as it's school hols, but yesterday:

Normal portion of cereal and slice of toast
Glass milk & three biscuits
Bread & butter, sausage roll, little sliced chicken, half boiled egg with 2 tomatoes and cucumber
Hot chocolate with cake bar thing
Offered fruit around 5pm, didn't want (although she normally has)
Chicken in breadcrumbs, 3 new potatoes, 1 whole carrot & 2 pieces broccoli
2 crumpets

My DD gets colds, but shakes off very easily, didn't have any time off school last year. She's only needed antibiotics once. She's happy, healthy, has friends which far more weight on them, but a couple with certainly less.

tilliebob Thu 30-Jul-15 11:27:09

My ds1 is very underweight but eats 4 weetabix for breakfast, can eat half a loaf of toast at a time and will put away a portion of pasta that would defeat his dad then look for seconds.

Preciousbane Tue 04-Aug-15 12:29:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Fri 14-Aug-15 22:29:45

Ds plays tons of sport and is always hungry atm as he's going through a growth spurt too.

Weetabix x2

Sandwich with salad, Apple, grapes and banana


Plus loads of snacks in between in case he faints from hungerwink

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