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has anyone found teenage boys black pointy school shoes that actually last

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ssd Mon 27-Jul-15 11:17:52

more than 2 months?

its that time again, the buying of the uniform

my 2 are now teenagers so everything is mens sizes esp. shoes

they want pointy ones, the pointier the better

the ones they had before dont last and I dont have money to waste so want to try to get a decent enough pair that doesnt cost a fortune

I thought I was clever and got them pointy clarks mens ones in the sale, but they werent pointy enough...


annielostit Mon 27-Jul-15 11:51:57

I was going to say Clarks. Have you tried next my oh had a pair about £50. The problem being these shoes aren't designed for heavy wear. You might have to get them re-soled a couple of times.

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