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Very tall daughter

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vdbfamily Sat 25-Jul-15 09:40:17

Feel free to point me to other threads if this has been covered lots of times. My DD is 12 years old and is already 5'11" with size 9 feet. She is fairly slim and has no difficulty with t-shirts/shorts etc but I am struggling to find long enough trousers and long enough in the arm tops. I know about Long Tall Sally and Tall Girls as I have to buy my clothes from them but are there any cheaper alternatives out there? She started secondary school last year and her blazer ended up being far too baggy with sleeves about 3" too short. Any suggestions?

TattieHowkerz Sat 25-Jul-15 09:56:22

Quite a lot of tall ranges out there now, and most a bit more teen friendly than the dreaded Long Tall Sally.

ASOS tall are good ( if you can avoid all the backless stuff). Also New Look Tall, and TopShop Tall. Dorothy Perkins certainly used to have a tall range too.

It is also worth checking out TK Maxx for jeans in particular. I scan the bottom of the rails and if I see a pair hanging down know they are worth a try! Diesel jeans do very long lengths ( though expensive, maybe for a birthday treat..).

Dansak Sat 25-Jul-15 10:04:36

Zara is great for very long length, they also do very small sizes, I think they start at size 6, but everything is cut on the small side. I find their sleeve length good too.

Some of the styles will be too grown up, but fine for jeans, joggers, plain tops, jumpers.

If you're able to go soon you should be able to pick up some good bargains at the end of the sale. I have just bought my tall dsd jeans for £10 and a parka coat for £15.

I was about this height at her age, I stopped at 5'11 though. I find Dorothy Perkins very good for clothes, skinny jeans, t-shirts etc.

bestguess23 Sat 25-Jul-15 10:14:22

GAP do good long and lean jeans. Dorothy Perkins, Topshop and Next do trousers with legs long enough for me at 6'

kiwigirl42 Sat 25-Jul-15 10:14:34

I've got a 36" inside leg and I find men's jeans and trousers fit me much better, especially Gap and Levis.

Magnus shoes do a good range of large size shoes though there are other suppliers

kiwigirl42 Sat 25-Jul-15 10:16:18

I find Nike men's running shoes are narrow so fit me well too

vdbfamily Sat 25-Jul-15 10:20:54

Wow....had no idea all those shops have a tall range.She is very leggy.34/35" inside leg but will take her shopping and try. Did recently discover TKMax and found some jeans. With Zara, is it a tall range or do they just come up long length?
I am 6'1" and DH 6'7" and she has always been off the range of centile charts so I suspect she will overtake me.Fortunately for her she inherited her dads slim genes!

bestguess23 Sat 25-Jul-15 10:30:12

My inside leg is 36 so all the ranges listed in my pp should be fine for her. More places than you would think do size 9 shoes I have bought from Dorothy Perkins, New Look and River Island in large sizes.

TattieHowkerz Sat 25-Jul-15 10:43:31

I have a 36" inside leg and get on fine with all of the tall ranges. ASOS were a bit patchy at first (33" in a tall range?!), but they are better now and give lengths on the site. Zara don't gave a specific tall range. Apparently in Spain people are more inclined to have trousers hemmed to size, so they cut some styles very long. Certainly have got some there too. Very also have some tall stuff, you might get office trousers that would do for school there.

Everythingzrosie Sat 25-Jul-15 15:15:55

I am tall-am 6ft 1 and always get New Look Tall as the price is reasonable and the stock is always good. The jeans go to 38" smile I'm 37 but get the basics of jeans and vest tops from there. I've never paid for Long Tall Sally. Some supermarket clothes ranges do tall as well.

WankerDeAsalWipe Sat 25-Jul-15 22:59:32

Next do a long length and a tall or x-long length.

I'm 5'10 and mistakenly bought Tall instead of Long and the trousers were about 6 inches too long grin

LovelySpread Sun 26-Jul-15 16:46:59

Go on the Dorothy Perkins website and do a search for Tall, that way the whole range including sale stuff comes up. Good long jeans and trousers. My DD is the same, 6ft at 14.

mysteryfairy Sun 26-Jul-15 17:41:44

Top shop jeans are good as come in 34 and 36 inch inside legs.

The bricks and mortar stores never have much if any stock though - this goes for Top Shop, new look and Dorothy Perkins. You have to embrace online.

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