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When can you trust them again?

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Biglaugh Thu 23-Jul-15 11:07:02

My daughter had an 'incident' at home when I was away for the night - friends round, had a drink, took some tablets. Not many but enough for her to be worried next day and get herself to hospital. She was fine but it was so worrying.
I am now terrified to leave her on her own - ever.
She says she wouldn't dream of doing it again and I sort of believe her but I think - well if she had a drink what would happen then?
There's a local festival coming up and I just can't see myself letting her stay overnight - perhaps as a day pass?

I am a single parent so no one to talk it through with at home.
Any views?

Biglaugh Thu 23-Jul-15 11:07:27

Sorry meant to say - she is 17

MagpieCursedTea Thu 23-Jul-15 11:47:04

When you say took some tablets, do you mean recreational drugs or some sort of overdose of over the counter medication? Is it something she needs to get help for before you can start rebuilding trust?
I think a day pass would be the way to go if you're concerned about how she'd be if she stayed over night.

Biglaugh Thu 23-Jul-15 17:59:04

No, over the counter and we are already getting help from CAMHs.

Yes, my gut feeling is a day pass.
Just girding my loins for the 'talk'

MagpieCursedTea Thu 23-Jul-15 20:53:29

Good luck with the talk!

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