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Help! What to buy my gorgeous DS for his 18th?

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goldwrapped Sat 18-Jul-15 22:05:49

He turns 18 in 2 and a bit weeks. He works, has his own money and just about everything he needs/wants. Never asks for anything. He has passed his driving test and has a clapped out car that he loves. He's happy with my hand me down phone, and saved up himself for an iPad. He doesn't wear jewellery and isn't bothered about designer gear. He's worked so hard at school and is predicted fabulous A level results. He's off to uni in September. I would love to give him something amazing and memorable - he had a very rough start after he was born and I'm just so proud of the man he has become but just can't think of anything! Budget is flexible - I have some money saved for him but grandparents would help if it was something expensive. Can anyone give me any help?

HolgerDanske Sat 18-Jul-15 22:10:24

I would get him a hamper with 18 gifts instead - that way it can be a mix of nostalgia like sweets or something specific he used to like as a child and also a few more useful bits and bobs, plus one or two bigger and more special things. I dunno, I'm too tired to explain it well but in my head it would make an awesome gift..

Theselittlelightsaremine Sat 18-Jul-15 22:10:31

Personalised engraved keyring?

Newtobecomingamum Sat 18-Jul-15 22:14:26

What about an amazing gift experience if you can afford it. You could get a driving experience £80+ depending on different options or hot air balloon ride. Is into adventure and adrenaline, what about a sky dive? You get photos and certificate with most experiences that he can treasure. They also do stadium tours, sporting days etc gift experiences for almost everything they do.

theyoungonenexttime Sat 18-Jul-15 22:21:58

Watching with interest as my DNep is 18 next month and off to university and Im at total loss to what to get. He too works and does not 'need' anything.

As a last resort it will be Amazon voucher but would prefer to think of something more meaningful.

LemonYellowSun Sat 18-Jul-15 22:24:45

Tickets for Reading for him and a friend

Mini05 Sat 18-Jul-15 22:33:50

If he's going uni, what about some book tokens for any books he may need?
Not really clued up on uni (free books)
Things for his room at uni or room in shared house like
Pj short sets
Is his phone got music download, what about iPod if he's into music
Bacially anything for uni he doesn't have to pay for himself

elephantoverthehill Sat 18-Jul-15 22:39:50

I bought my DS a hip flask, amongst driving lessons etc. I got it engraved with his initials. I thought it maybe was a bit tacky but he was really happy with it

goldwrapped Sat 18-Jul-15 23:00:23

Oh I am so pleased I asked on here! Hamper it is, with a personalised hip flask, adrenaline/driving experience, and things for uni like his own duvet and stuff. Feel happy now, it's been worrying me! (tears in eyes at thought of my little squiggle being 18... he was 3lb when he was born and very poorly, he is now 6'2 and so handsome). Thank you all for your input xxx

FortyFacedFuckers Sat 18-Jul-15 23:06:19

No suggestions but if you have a look on getting personal you might find some nice ideas.

SweetFelicityArkwright Sat 18-Jul-15 23:15:30

Some things that we thought of for our ds when he turned 21 were :
Nice quality tankard with an engraved message
Paying for/ or contributing to a trip.
A piece of art for his student flat
Slightly off beat but he loves history and is studying it at University so we considered something like a fossil or Roman coin

It was very difficult coming up with ideas as he didn't particularly want anything.
Your ds sounds like a wonderful young man and I'm sure he will appreciate the love and thought that you have put in to whatever you end up getting him.

elephantoverthehill Sat 18-Jul-15 23:25:57

And I thought I was the only one with a little squiggle! How very dare you. grin

BackforGood Sat 18-Jul-15 23:43:08

Having a 19 yr old ds, now at the end of his first year at University, with hindsight, I think, if I could go back 12 months I'd have got him a photobook to keep for ever, with pictures of all his Grandparents, cousins, etc., and some great memories of his life so far, in it, and then Vouchers for 10 meals at the Carvery that sits on the edge of the student village grin

AccordingToOurRecords Sun 19-Jul-15 10:23:42

Trip to Amsterdam and a tattoo gift token.

SecretSquirrels Sun 19-Jul-15 12:29:23

I agree with the photo album idea. I did this for DS1 to take to uni. Also useful but not too practical for uni is a years Netflix subscription

bruffin Sun 19-Jul-15 12:31:47

Ds wanted a good watch for his 18th

Whathaveilost Sun 19-Jul-15 12:32:21

My mum bought DS a lovely wallet DS said thank you. Dad encouraged him to see what was in the wallet and it was a cheque for £2,000.

mrmakerwastespaper Sun 19-Jul-15 13:07:36

Thinking back to my 18th I didn't really need or want anything in particular. In the end my parents and grandparents got together and I got a few small momento gifts, but was also lucky enough to receive some money they'd saved for me (instead of a bigger gift). I put it towards an amazing 6 week backpacking trip to Australia in the summer holidays with my best friend after my 1st year at Uni. Something I'll never forget even now at 34, married, 2 kids and an eye watering mortgage.... ��

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