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If your 16 year old has a job do you ever meet their boss?

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Sparklingbrook Fri 17-Jul-15 19:00:07

DS1 about to start one. It's a really weird feeling. He's still a child and yet hes off to work for someone I have never met.

Theres no need for me to meet his boss though.

Wholovesfoodprogrammes Fri 17-Jul-15 19:19:01

As an employer who takes school leavers on, we always ask the trainee if they would like to ask their parents to come and meet us and see where they work.

The majority always take us up on the offer.

It is a huge step for everyone ..... good luck.

Sparklingbrook Fri 17-Jul-15 19:22:06

That sounds good Who, I don't think I will get an invitation.

Sparklingbrook Sat 18-Jul-15 12:52:09

Well here's been there for 4 hours. hope he's ok. <wibble>

MummaV Sat 18-Jul-15 16:14:31

I started working as a volunteer when I was 12 years old, I have had 6 jobs since then (25 now) and not once have any of my family met my employer. Having a job is the start of adulthood where you learn to become independent.

My mum recently recalled how nervous she was for me the first day I put on my uniform and walked through the gates to my work but she realised it was my first step to independence and I needed to do it alone.

As nerve wracking as it is, remember, he is learning valuable independence for adulthood.

Sparklingbrook Sat 18-Jul-15 16:30:30

Yes, true Mumma. i had a full time job at 16 but my parents just dropped me at the station sometimes.

SecretSquirrels Sat 18-Jul-15 20:06:26

DS1 got a job in a Chinese takeaway at 16. He was treated appallingly and I had to pin myself down not to complaingrin.
DS2 has a casual job and his boss rings regularly to speak to him. I have to pretend he isn't still in bed if she calls at 1130am.

Sparklingbrook Sat 18-Jul-15 20:07:44

YY I can imagine if they get treated badly you would have to really stop yourself getting involved.

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