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When did you realise they had grown up?

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Teacherinatutu Sun 05-Jul-15 21:37:34

It's almost like you don't notice it happenening and then suddenly you look at them and they've grown up. The oldest always seemed grown up but not dd2.

We'll for me, today is that day where it hit me that dd2 is not little. Hadn't seen dd for a week. She came back today and was telling me about her school trip and I suddenly realised she has grown up. It feels like just yesterday it was princess dresses and the tooth fairy. Can she really not be my little girl anymore?

I am sat here crying as I write this which is ridiculous I know feel free to give me a virtual slap but it just feels like I've blinked and she's grown up.

Travelledtheworld Mon 06-Jul-15 04:30:46

I understand.
Last week my Ds15 had a sixth form taster day. I watched him walk off to school with his tall mans lope, not in uniform, and felt a pang in my heart for the little boy who had gone from my life.

Sazbird Mon 06-Jul-15 04:46:36

With DS1 it was when I realised working at maccies was a career for him. He's youngest manager (18) in the region and the youngest manager ever in the UK. So much for a summer job! Also when he announced we will be grandparents in December. Yeah that does it !!!!

LikeABadSethRogenMovie Mon 06-Jul-15 05:00:05

I totally understand! I had no idea how truly heart wrenching it can be as they go from little kids to big ones. But then, you can have these amazing, insightful conversations and realize that your little kid has grown into a pretty amazing person and that makes my heart sing with pride and then I cry again

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