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Can my son leave school as soon as he is 18?

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triplets Mon 22-Jun-15 16:26:22

One of my trio is so fed up with his 6th form, only goes in now for 8 hours a week as he has done his resit gcse`s. He is hoping to go into the Royal Marines Band Service but that won`t be until Sept 16, in the meantime he is biding his time at a school that's been in special measures for over two years! His sister is happy at a diff college doing a 2 year Art/Design course and his brother is at Harrogate Army College for a year. So two out of three are happy! If he can leave in Jan 16 when he is 18 he may as well find a little job to earn some money until he reapplies for the band service Thanks.

Floisme Mon 22-Jun-15 17:31:53

He's supposed to be 'in learning' until his 18th birthday so yes, he can leave as soon as he's 18. That might mean he wouldn't complete the course or get the qualification so he needs to check that (but it sounds like this wouldn't be an issue).

Incidentally 'staying in learning' doesn't have to mean being at a sixth form or college. He could leave school now and get a job or apprenticeship, provided he's still studying for a qualification. Apologies if you know this already but some schools don't make it clear unfortunately.

musicposy Mon 22-Jun-15 22:17:18

There is no penalty for not complying with the raised participation age, so in theory he could leave now. However, in reality it would be sensible for the sake of his future to do something. Lots of workplaces offer learning or apprenticeships alongside employment. DD1 is a manager at a much maligned fast food place and they still have whole batches of 16 year olds starting, but they put them through an apprenticeship scheme as part of their training. Lots of places do this and he could fit it round the GCSEs he is doing. I'd be looking at alternatives to full time college which might suit him better - and look better for his future career.

meditrina Mon 22-Jun-15 22:23:39

You say 'reapplies'

Does that mean he's been turned down once, or asked to defer for a while? Because if so, there should have been some feedback on what areas he would need to develop for a future application to succeed. Can anything from that be made to fit with a different course or work/training?

Even if he's just stuck marking time at school because of lack of alternative, can he develop his extracurricular activities - maybe gaining quals as a sports instructor; taking up a new hobby; planning/fundraising for/going on an expedition - possibly with a musical component?

triplets Mon 22-Jun-15 22:48:46

Thank you all for your input, very helpful. He spent 7 months last year going through the selection process to join the Royal Marines. He passed everything then failed his medical in June, two reasons. One he is underweight, min req is 65 kilos and at the time he was 56, and two he is wearing a dental brace! So they are keeping everything on hold for 3 years, then when he is ready the contacts the careers office and will be sent for a medical and then fitness test. So that's what he is working towards. He is a drummer with our local ATC, been there for 4 years as did his brother, he is also learning to play the cornet/bugle. His brace comes off in 3 months time and he is slowly gaining weight!

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Thu 25-Jun-15 18:53:05

Taking a temporary job will be valuable experience. He may not like it after the novelty wears off but should still do his best regardless of the duration.

Great to learn how to get along with others of all ages and personalities in the workplace. He'll find that even though a person may be completely competent at a job, it’s so often how that person fits in with the others in an organisation that will determine if he will cope there or if the workforce will accept him working there.

He is motivated to do something until trying again for the Royal Marines - so nice to read about him bouncing back after disappointment to make things happen for himself rather than waiting for it all to come to him, well done him. smile

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