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PGL Mimosa Club France

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mondef Sun 21-Jun-15 19:49:15

Thinking of saving my 15 year old daughter from a summer of uninterrupted loneliness and boredom and send her to the PGL residential camp (if I am not too late to book) as we cannot afford a family holiday this year. Just wondering if anyone has first hand experience of this particular PGL. Daughter has been on the PGL Isle of Wight with her school earlier this month and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. However going by herself will be a challenge as she is fairly shy...

mistymeanour Sun 21-Jun-15 21:12:57

My DD was shy and lonely and went on PGL trips for few years in her early teens - she suggested it. She was a bit lonely sometimes on the first one as there were a large group of friends together in her room (horse riding), but she enjoyed it enough to go again and the next ones were much better (water sports and mixed sports)and she had a really great time. They keep the kids pretty busy, there are events in the evenings too - films, camp fire etc. I was so proud she had challenged herself and it did boost her confidence.

wheresmyAga Mon 22-Jun-15 13:43:59

mondef I've PM-ed you smile

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