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Charlie's advice on problems with 12 year old Daughter

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Beverley41 Mon 15-Jun-15 01:26:44

I would like to ask Charlie for some advice on my 12 year old daughter, there are some issues of bad behaviour in school towards teachers and peers, she gets easily involved in things that are nothing to do with her. She has had some trouble with getting on with peers over the last few years but is a very attractive and loveable wee girl. Recently she sat school exams and I received reports that she answered 5 questions and then just stops looks around her or blurts out in class despite being told no talking during exams. If she is told off she takes it very personal and believes that you don't like her (parent, teacher or sister) and that is definitely not the case, she is the second child of 3 and does love and takes a lot of attention. She was diagnosed with female ADHD in 2012 but on my second opinion I was assured she was not ADHD and the specialist put it down to bullying in school (there is still some element of this going, I have met with the school where they issued me with a list of comments from her teachers, some good and some not so good) I have told them that I would look at what they are saying but I believe it is 2 separate issues and told them they need to sort the other girl out, since meeting with the school I think they have contacted her Mother. Please help

Gymbob Mon 15-Jun-15 20:22:38

Who is Charlie?hmm

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