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Fifa on XBox/PS3 - does your DS do this?

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Chimichangaz Sun 07-Jun-15 15:57:00

My 14 yo DS plays Fifa and other games on his console - but he really (and I mean really) loses his temper playing Fifa. He screams at the screen, and hits out at whatever's nearest (controller, desk etc). he doesn't get the same playing any other games, only this one.

I've had enough, finally, and have told him it's the last time he plays it here, and he'll have to keep it at his dads from now on. I've asked him to come off the XBox several times as he's been on it most of the day and just been shouted at - so he's had a warning that the wifi goes off in half an hour, which I'm dreading as he will be horrible (he's already warned me).

Anyone else have this?

Mutt Sun 07-Jun-15 16:10:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Iggi999 Sun 07-Jun-15 16:24:12

My ds is half that age, but still gets overwraught and grumpy when playing Xbox for too long. When he comes off and is rude I hide the controllers for a day. This leads to nicer behaviour. They are very addictive, I think access does need to be managed. Not sure why yours is getting another half hour!

Iggi999 Sun 07-Jun-15 16:24:53

Manage the situation just now and then talk to him seriously about it when he is calmer.

cdtaylornats Sun 07-Jun-15 17:06:03

Make the FIFA experience real, switch it off and ask him for money before it gets switched on again ��

Chimichangaz Sun 07-Jun-15 22:32:31

Haha cd I like that idea grin

Yes, I know I am too soft, I will have to toughen up. Thing is he refuses to see how aggressive he has been, even when he's calmer.

Plus he's become much more argumentative, point blank refusing to do stuff (the little I ask him to do), but then doing it, clearly against his will. Half the time I just give in for a quiet life, which I know is only making a rod for my own back.

But the Fifa is gone, in my bag ready to be delivered to his dads tomorrow. And he came off the XBox at 4.30, not gone back on since.

kylesmybaby Mon 08-Jun-15 00:57:43

Have the same problem with Fifa 15 here. I too find it hard and it's a constant battle. ds13 was getting very stressed with it and threw the controller at our lounge TV and broke it. I noticed little marks on the walls etc that had been made the same way. He was totally honest and said he gets angry and throws things. He had saved £180 which I took towards a new TV. I took Fifa away for a while but I've allowed it to be played again now. If someone else was writing this I'd be the first to say 'you let him play it again' - WHY ????

Rojak Mon 29-Jun-15 15:18:23

Resurrecting this - same issues with a just turned 14 year old DS.

Grumpiness, raging at Xbox, crying, shouting ... and just no motivation to do anything else.

School work has suffered massively and I've removed Xbox for the summer - will see if anything improves.

I just want to get rid of FIFA for much longer than the summer

Unsupported1966 Mon 29-Jun-15 15:44:02

Hi chimichangas

I guess I had the same trouble with my son but my wife and I didn t sort the problem out and it got worst, the Xbox is a great machine, allowing kids to keep in touch with each other and chatting to each other while playing games on it, but it does some that some kids do get angry with the game, and unfortunately with mine it turned into violence

My 16 year old warned me week last Sunday not to knock his internet off, which I did and on Monday afternoon I got a phone call from my wife saying he had smashed up our BT router with a six iron golf club !

It is good that you are taking the disc off him but I do think in the coming months he may find another game in which to bring up his anger again

Wishing you luck

If you want any more info, I have update my thread about my son only last weekend called "16 year old boy"

applesareredandgreen Tue 30-Jun-15 22:06:05

Does your DS's behaviour depend on who they are playing with? Are they violent in any other aspect of their lives? (Unsupported I have seen your other thread) also do they do any physical activity to burn off energy? Just thinking that although my DS gets very excitable when playing this game he Is never violent but he only plays online with school friends and also does a lot of running round outside/kicking ball in garden etc

TeenAndTween Wed 01-Jul-15 08:26:27

If he 'refuses to see how aggressive he's been' would filming him and showing him later work?

I agree ban Fifa from your house for a while, then reintroduce slowly.

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