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15 year old daughter staring into space

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AlexandraLeigh Fri 29-May-15 22:35:06

She has been sat in her bed all day. Every time I go into her room she hasn't moved and is looking at the same place. Her eyes don't move and she shows no emotion when I talk to her.

She had a suicide attempt back in January and I assumed she was okay. She won't voluntarily speak to us and hasn't eaten all day.

I know it's only been a few days but I'm starting to consider taking her to the hospital as she looks really lost and suicidal. What should I do?

Heyho111 Sat 30-May-15 07:57:40

Oh bless her. Go with your instincts and take her. She sounds like she's in a bad place in her head.

AlexandraLeigh Sat 30-May-15 15:12:10

Just an update:

She was much more chilled today and guaranteed that she was okay and not suicidal. I've decided to keep an eye on her and will be taking her to the doctors so that we can contact a professional.

Does anyone have any ideas on whether she should go to school on monday?

mumsharingknowledge Sun 31-May-15 08:57:24

Try talking to her first to find out what is bothering her.
Going to school tomorrow might be a good idea if she's is fit enough to do so.This will help keep her active and might lift her mood up from the emotional situation she's currently in.

Good luck and let us know how she's doing.

AlexandraLeigh Sun 31-May-15 20:47:17

Thank you, she'll be going to school tomorrow but has been complaining of a stomach and head ache. I shouldn't have, but checked through her social media messages and stuff as I thought maybe she was scared to go to school? I found nothing.

She got up and went to church today and seemed really happy and told me that it's just her GCSE mocks that she is worrying about but I know her to be an excellent liar.

I'm really concerned for her mental health as Depression, Bipolar, Schizophrenia and anything of the sort are really prominent in our family. She is a huge risk taker and I'm not sure if it's a normal teenage thing? Like she'll cross the road just second away from being ran over or will randomly not eat for days in a row? So basically she is never "normal". And she slept the other week for a good 24 hours and I had to wake her to eat eventually, but normally she doesn't sleep much at all. She is also very aggressive and has multiple scars from wall punching and is known to be in such hysterics in an argument that she'll start threatening to kill herself or come to weird irrational decisions such as "I'll go to prison like my uncle because I can't be bothered with the real world" and it scares me because she is just like him as a child and he has APD. Im just scared. Tell me im just imagining it.

I'm really sorry for writing so much but I am really at my wits end. Please help.

AlexandraLeigh Sun 31-May-15 20:48:24

And I would like to mention that she is still in a confused state of mind, it can take me 20 minutes to grab her attention and then its lost in a matter of seconds?

HSMMaCM Sun 31-May-15 20:57:18

Does she have Camhs support since her suicide attempt ? If not, your GP can refer her.

AlexandraLeigh Sun 31-May-15 21:39:31

She did have but they don't believe there is anything wrong with her when they had their meetings with her.

They said that everything about her is normal and that she spoke eloquently and wasn't even shifty. It's so annoying because she knows that something isn't right but will act normal for these councillors.

Everythingzrosie Mon 01-Jun-15 12:26:55

My ds1 had attention issues and would stare into space-it turns out after a lot of tests he has epilepsy. Maybe mention this to the gp.

Everythingzrosie Mon 01-Jun-15 12:35:28 Look at Absence seizures

AlexandraLeigh Mon 01-Jun-15 16:03:03

Thank you, I'll be sure to look into it

AlexandraLeigh Wed 03-Jun-15 21:19:14

got a phone call from the school today saying that she was 15 minutes late to a lesson and when she was asked where she went she told the school that she can't remember. They said she was very distant and looked like she had no idea where she was. She told them that she was just tired and then assured them that she was just in the other side of school and went to the toilet. The school told me that they had to ask because of her overdose in January.

when she got home she immediately told me that the school asked her if she had taken drugs. I don't know why she told me to be completely honest.

I don't have a clue why she was so late and her excuse doesn't seem accurate enough.

I just don't know what to do any more. And does anyone know what drugs can make you distant and maybe even make you lose your memory?

Madmog Thu 04-Jun-15 09:46:02

Thank for your replies. Her appointments are meant to be every six months and they always tell me they only book appointments up to three months in advance. I'll leave it another couple of weeks and then I think I'll contact the hospital as I'm sure there must be certain guidelines for how long appointments should go over.

Madmog Thu 04-Jun-15 09:53:10

Sorry I posted on your thread accidently.

I wouldn't rule out epilepsy either. Discuss it with her and tell her you want to get her checked to rule in out (it might be you could speak to the doctor in advance and ask them to assess how she seems generally herself).

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