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14 Year old son stealing to pay for drugs and fag . i have reported him to police

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notmrscookie Sun 03-May-15 06:51:40

My son started doing drugs just before christmas. Small amounts of money went missing from purse. A few weeks ago came home to find i had left out on my window still my 40TH birthday money and gift cards. I came home to find my bedroom had been ransacked by him looking for money. There was stuff everywhere.He admitted taking money but claimed it was spent on food and fags only . Yesterday i went into my garage and found on floor a reciept from the post office for exchanging euro to sterling . I then checked the too places where euro where and he has stolen them too. i have had enough.
Last night i went to the police station as if by fate . The helpful pc I talked to in feb was on front desk.The police are coming tuesday to take a statement and he will then be arrested.He has also been accused of criminal damage by another school but it wasn't taken any further. i feel shit but i have been working with the school. Had no support from social services because he hasnt been high enough up there and my life has been made hell .. just need to tell some one xx

ThreeSpike Sun 03-May-15 06:57:29

So sorry to hear about your problems. Hope the visit from police will sort things out.

Alvah Sun 03-May-15 08:02:43

I really hope you get things sorted with your son. I can sympathise. My DS 14 has been really hard to handle since Christmas too. I don't know if they smoke cannabis but I fear they are. He's started hanging out with older kids and has come home smelling of drink/smoke last two weekends. He was only allowed out daytime at weekends since last week, but then he had been drinking daytime instead!!!

My life feels like it's turned into a nightmare since he turned 14.

I can understand that you have reported him. I hope he gets the help he needs and that you get a break from the stress.

Take care

serene12 Sun 03-May-15 08:35:59

I think you did the right thing, reporting your son to the Police. My son also stole from us to fund drugs, but we kept giving him another chance. When he was 18, we involved the Police and he became homeless, however the local council did provide him with a flat. I also started to go to Family Anonymous meetings (a world wide 12 step programme for family/friends of drug users), I learnt about Tough Love, and that the drug user has to feel the consequences of their poor choices.
My son is now 21, living in another city and is at college with aspirations to go to uni. He has actually thanked us for being tough, as he feels he wouldn't be the man he is today
Looking back, I now wish that I had involved the Police earlier. I also tried to get my son help from Social Services, but they said it was just normal teenage behaviour!
Good luck

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