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Parents let 16 year old sister run wild

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browny123 Wed 18-Feb-15 10:10:45

My 16 year old sister has a boyfriend of 2 months who they met once.She asked to go down to Wexford with him for the weekend and my parents have said yes.They have never met his family or know if she really is going down their.She went down their before but told them she was going away with friends parent but found out after she was gone down to this boy.When I said she shouldn't be allowed my mother said sure she was their before!!! They let her drink and basically do waterer she wants.My mother likes a drink and will give my sister drink with her at home or bring her to the pub with her during the day.I have another sister who is a recovering alcoholic and a brother who had a problem with drugs and I don't want her to go down this road.I feel like I care more about my sister than they do.She fails everything in school they do nothing about it.I dont know what to do to get them to see sense and actually act like parents to her rather than friends.

Moniker1 Wed 18-Feb-15 13:06:57

I think you sister is too old now to be controlled. She will do what she wants even if she has to lie to go out.

Lots of people mature in their late teens or early twenties and sort themselves out studying, career etc. Don't be too pessimistic.

notquitegrownup2 Wed 18-Feb-15 13:35:34

As the pp says, your sister is almost an adult now, and will soon have to make her own decisions. How old are you, Browny? It is lovely that you are so concerned for your sister - it must be so frustrating, seeing your older brother and sister struggling with dependency and seeing your other sister going that way.

Hope someone can come along and offer you some real advice, on how you can move forward with this. There is an organisation called Al Anon, which supports the families of alcoholics - you may find that there is a support group near you.

Thinking of you.

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