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Help moving into work - advice please ��

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Lynnie69 Sat 14-Feb-15 08:26:51

This is my first post...
My 17 year old son has always struggled at school but worked incredibly hard. He was also badly bullied - we think he has very mild cognitive learning difficulty and takes a bit longer to learn things but is great once he gets the hang of them. He was doing an apprenticeship but has been told he's not keeping up and they are letting him go. He is devastated and his confidence is now at rock bottom. He wants to work/go to college but doesn't have a clue where to start and I'm keen that we support him to make the right choice and avoid him having the same experience. Help please - all advice gratefully received!

RibbonedandLaced Sat 14-Feb-15 16:15:34

Make sure he knows he isn't alone, this has happened to others and others have gotten through it. Sit down, take a deep breath and consider all of the options. Do this with your Husband too and set time to make sure it is just you, your son and your husband to talk.

Look for courses that are similar or the same to what his Apprenticeship was, don't be distraught it's still early. Have you considered taking a course and then trying for an Internship? Many people are taking Internships, they may work there for a couple of Weeks/Months and gain experience and then at the end many businesses choose to offer a job. Best of luck.

Chin up!

BackforGood Sun 15-Feb-15 17:13:50

I agree about reassuring him that this isn't his 'fault' in anyway, and, unfortunately a lot of companies have signed up to the apprenticeship scheme for some cheap labour and without any intention of being able to take people on long term, or, in many cases even finish their qualification. I know of several youngsters who have been treated very badly after leaving school to start an apprenticeship. sad

Unfortunately, there isn't an abundance of careers advice around though. You have to do a lot of the legwork yourselves.

Does he know what he wants to do?
Or even what he definitely doesn't want to do?
Has he thought about gaining further qualifications or does he only want to work?
Have you contacted your local college to see what schemes and courses they have - there always seems to be a myriad of different options at our local college.

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