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Teenage hygiene

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Pepperpot7375 Tue 10-Feb-15 18:41:24

Help!!! I feel im banging my head against a brick 14 year old has to be asked repeatedly to clean teeth,have a bath change clothes. She's took to hiding sanitary towels in amongst her clothes and has even denied they're hers? I feel im constantly moaning at her?? confused

Travelledtheworld Tue 10-Feb-15 19:01:21

Our Dentist gave DS 14 a very strict lecture on the need to clean his teeth before they all rotted in his head. He said it was obvious they had not been cleaned for three days.

Dd 16 spends most of her waking hours in the shower and washing her hair. But at 14/15 I was always finding blood stained knickers and/or ST's stuffed behind the wardrobe, under the sink etc etc.

I have no idea why they are so squalid.

niece Wed 11-Feb-15 07:54:24

My twin girls 13, are exactly the same.
I am constantly moaning at them, I have a shower everyday. I can't understand how they can be so gross lol.
I hope they grow out of it. confused confused

Fatstacks Wed 11-Feb-15 07:58:15

My 18 DS still needs telling to shower.

He will happily shower and then put dirty clothes back on and be smelly.

I wait until he is about to leave the house then tell him, it sounds cruel but he doesn't like to be fucked about as he goes out.

DudeWheresMyDonkey Wed 11-Feb-15 12:14:57

Thank goodness its not just me that has a 14 year old soap dodger! I find manky clothes stashed in the bottom of the wardrobe, he will get in the bath if I run it but uses no shampoo or soap, his room is a stinking hovel. I've screamed, pleaded and feigned indifference but he's still the same. I hope they grow out of it soon hmm

myotherusernameisbetter Thu 12-Feb-15 00:08:03

I have 14 and 13 year old boys, neither would think to do anything voluntarily but they automatically have a shower in the morning before school - not always sure soap is used though shampoo is. I still have to tell them every day to brush their teeth both morning and night and to wash their face at night. To be fair they do it when asked not always at the first time of asking but mostly by the 2nd

As far as the bedrooms are concerned. I've told them I am happy to clean them but only if they are tidy. They need to put their laundry in the basket at least every Friday after school and if the bedroom isn't tidy by Saturday afternoon then it doesn't get hoovered/dusted and fresh bedding supplied. If they don't stick to that they get no pocket money at the end of the month. I no longer shout or nag and strangely after one lost pocket money DS2 does his room (sometimes with a reminder). I never have to remind DS1 at all now and he's never lost his pocket money. It works for me.

nooka Thu 12-Feb-15 05:30:43

My two (almost 16 and 14) aren't too bad on the cleaning themselves front, although a certain amount of prodding is required. Their rooms are another matter! We just don't tend to go in them much anymore. They are both responsible for all cleaning of their rooms and for all their own washing too which takes away most of the potential for arguments.

We do a bi-weekly house clean when they are happy to skulk off and do their own rooms if it means getting out of main house cleaning. ds's room tends to be smellier, but he can tidy/clean it in half an hour or so. dd's room is more of a pit and it can take her hours to really sort it out. She does the floordrobe with knickers everywhere including dirty sanitary towels <gross>

WitchWay Thu 12-Feb-15 15:59:41

dirty sanitary towels??? WTF?

fieldfare Thu 12-Feb-15 16:06:31

Dirty sanitary towels are utterly minging, I'd be hitting the roof about that.
Dd, age 12, is bad enough but not on that level.
Her room does get bad it I've refused to clean in there if it's not tidy, and if her clothes aren't in the laundry then they don't get washed by me.
It's just the nagging to brush her teeth, wash her face, and shower every evening that's wearing!

lk26 Thu 12-Feb-15 16:10:46

The same in this house. It's disgusting. I put a bin etc in her room but find them all over. It's just basic hygiene.
I have tried all ways to deal with it but still end up shouting ��

WitchWay Thu 12-Feb-15 17:15:04

DS is hygienic but his room is a pit - too messy to be cleaned so it doesn't get cleaned. Even though he showers at least once a day & puts on clean undies his room smells terrible - what the hell is that teen smell? Probably a combination of pheromones, shoes & other nasty stuff used tissues

I don't wash clothes that are not in the linen basket in the bathroom, even if I happen to know there is a favourite shirt lying in a heap that he wants for the weekend grin

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