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I need your ideas!!

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Faithope Wed 04-Feb-15 09:56:03

DS1 is coming up to his 17th birthday and just recently got diagnosed with Epilepsy. So the idea of us buying his first lot of driving lessons are out of the window as he has been told no driving or cycling for 12 months sad for him.

He also loves Cadets and is in the Rifles-again, due to his health, he now can't shoot a gun (much to mums delight but DS1 is gutted).

Everything he loves has been taken from underneath him in a very quick way.

He loves the outdoors. What can I do to help him find something outdoorsy that he can do??

Any ideas will be very much appreciated smile

indecisiveithink Wed 04-Feb-15 09:59:56

Indoor (or outdoor!) skydiving for him and some friends?

Or Go Ape?

Sphering, sailing, canoeing, go karting? Not sure out of those which will be ok?

Faithope Wed 04-Feb-15 10:21:36

Brilliant, sailing and canoeing are off the menu as hes not a swimmer (well he can but is not strong at it) but the others I am looking in to. Thanks smile

Theas18 Wed 04-Feb-15 12:15:23

My DS had a falconry day for one birthday. He loved it. Can't see why epilepsy would be an issue there

dragonfly007 Wed 04-Feb-15 12:25:11

Climbing ?

crispsarenotoneofyour5aday Wed 04-Feb-15 12:40:51

My sister is epileptic and now her drug regime has been sorted out she does just about anything - including martial arts so hopefully your son's set back will be just the first year too (she drives now as well).

In the meantime archery, riding, geocaching, golf (not my bag but a friend's teenager son loves it)or a survival course. If he doesn't already ski and you have an snow dome nearby that could be an option?

Leeds2 Wed 04-Feb-15 17:26:34

The airkix experience is great (we went to the one at Milton Keynes), but it doesn't last very long!

Segway ride. I don't know if epilepsy would rule that out.

Tickets to see his favourite band, or football team.

myotherusernameisbetter Wed 04-Feb-15 20:44:02

A really good camera and a lesson in nature photography?

A guided hill walk/survival training thing (so that he has support available in case of emergencies)

Fishing lessons?

Faithope Thu 05-Feb-15 08:35:46

Ah thanks!! Some great ideas-I will look into them today smile He was keen on photography at one point so will see if he wants to pursue that again. We live close enough to Milton Keynes so the dome there is a great idea smile

Northernsoul58 Thu 05-Feb-15 10:45:19

How about a good quality survival knife - not the Bear Grylls ones which are not very good quality, but a German/French one. Not popular with Mums, but boys love them.

Faithope Thu 05-Feb-15 10:54:02

O he already ordered a Swiss Army Knife-even though it's against the law! He got it from a website. I have it now as I am not happy he bought it. Maybe I am paranoid but where will he use it?

Jeeves93 Thu 05-Feb-15 11:10:18

Having epilepsy doesn't necessarily preclude him from using a rifle. It should be down to individual circumstances.

Theselittlelightsofmine Thu 05-Feb-15 11:11:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Faithope Thu 05-Feb-15 15:02:27

Jeeves-DS's Epilepsy isn't the usual fitting kind either, he just goes blank for a few seconds. The prolonged seizure is extremely rare and for his age. Does he have to declare it whenever he is going to use a rifle?

Paintballing is a good one too, thank you smile

Northernsoul58 Thu 05-Feb-15 17:09:36

Faithope, I don't think owning a Swiss Army knife is illegal as such. Some kinds of knives are illegal, but hunting knives are sold by camping and angling shops etc. My DS goes camping with us - not everybody's bag I agree - and is always whittling wood and 'doing stuff' with his knife (which he's had since he was 12 BTW) when we are in the countryside.
Does your DSs school/college do the Duke of Edinburgh award that he could get involved in. There is an Expedition element (and a knife is part of the kit list).
This may sound crazy too, but what about historical re-enactment groups? They do guns and swords but it's all 'safe' and supervised.

Faithope Thu 05-Feb-15 17:50:29

Northernsoul-I read this so the site that sold it to him broke the law but seems this is normal?? Carrying it is not illegal from what this says.
DS is a full time Apprentice and when applying for DoE he was shown how much he needed to put into it and decided he couldn't find the time sad which was so sad as he had his heart set on it. Hmm the re-enactment might be worth suggesting to him, hadn't thought about that, so thanks

CaulkheadUpNorth Thu 05-Feb-15 17:56:07

A flight? I had a flight in a two man Cessna for my 17th or 18th and then carried it on as lessons (my choice, paid by pt job)

Takver Thu 05-Feb-15 17:59:08

I've really enjoyed canyoning aka gorge scrambling whenever I've done it - very outdoorsy & challenging, but you're never at any significant height IYSWIM, you're working your way up the riverbed.

Takver Thu 05-Feb-15 18:02:46

The Field Studies Council do activity holidays for young people 16-18, they say they meet the DofE gold criteria but are open to anyone. Would he like something like that - a chance to do some of the activities but without an ongoing time commitment?

We've been on two of their family activity holidays, and I was very impressed by the leaders & the general set up, I'd def. send dd on one when she's older if she wanted to go.

Faithope Fri 06-Feb-15 11:30:37

Even more brillaint ideas!! Thank you so much! The flights-I was looking into gliding for him yesterday so that's a good one.

Canyoning-I would have to see about that as hes not a strong swimmer but looks like fun (for him not me lol)

Those FSC holidays look great!! They do so much! Hope I can sell this to DS as I think it's exactley what he wants to do smile

So glad I posted this smile

Takver Fri 06-Feb-15 12:25:51

You shouldn't need to be able to swim much for canyoning, at the most it's generally a question of floundering across a bit of a pool so 3 or 4 strokes, or you can usually work your way round the edge - def worth looking at.

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