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recommend an app to track son mobile phone

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notmrscookie Tue 03-Feb-15 02:55:29

Son has become involved in drugs and hanging out late only 14. So wondering what app others use ..? Thanks

AcrossthePond55 Tue 03-Feb-15 04:32:37

What kind of phone? 'Find My iPhone' works great if he has an iPhone.

But what are you going to do about the real problem? Just knowing where he is won't solve a thing, unless you're going to be chasing him down on the streets and dragging him home or calling the police on him.

He's only 14, you need to assert some control over him. Maybe taking his phone away so he can't get in touch with his druggie friends would be a first step.

DraggingDownDownDown Tue 03-Feb-15 06:07:24

We have samsungs and use Family Locator. We have hidden the icon on the phone so our ds can't see it.

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