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JL456 Thu 29-Jan-15 22:25:38

Just found secret stash of tobacco in DS room (almost 16) had an issue a while back but thought this was over. We've had issues recently with poor behaviour at school ( various time outs and a 1 day exclusion for back chat) we know he has low self confidence and looming GCSEs are scary. Devastated to find it looks like smoking is still going on (no one at home or in family smokes) but very aware of the world teens live in and mindful of his present mental state with exams etc. so ..... Do I do want I would like to and bin it all or turn a blind eye save a frame prior to eXams? What would you do?

cleo14 Fri 30-Jan-15 07:50:29

I've had a similar situation recently although my ds is slightly younger. Like you we have no smokers in the family so I was really annoyed/upset. I decided to challenge him partly due to his age but to be honest if you decide to do that you'll need to come from an educational point of view, highlighting the dangers. I suspect my ds is still doing it but praying that it's just a phase

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