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oneboy3girls Mon 26-Jan-15 09:44:05

My teenagers don't want to do family days out?I embarrass them.!They do not want to do crafting or board games.They won't even come to parents evening . What 'nice 'things do you do with your DT and how often?tia

nequidnimis Mon 26-Jan-15 16:43:47

On the weekend we binge watched a boxset, baked a cake and went for a bike ride.

Other things they like - card games (betting coppers), those board games they chose themselves, cooking (we each do a course) and days out to the cinema, bowling, theme parks, selected museums (if lunch included), shopping, ice skating and swimming.

Sometimes we go to the gym or an exercise class together, or a spa if I get a good offer.

Occasionally I give in and play on the x box with them.

PeaStalks Mon 26-Jan-15 17:52:49

Yes it's different. A trip to the park doesn't cut it any more.
This weekend we watched some cheesy box sets together, went out to a pub quiz and went to the gym.
They also like playing poker cards, go karting, and on line gaming with DH.
They have never, to my knowledge,at any age, done "crafting" grin

Parents evening is not optional but they have never objected.

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