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DD threatening self-harm I think ??

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Fool4u Mon 19-Jan-15 00:12:07

Right .. My DD (14) is a complete drama queen & a little princess expecting everyone to fall in line with her demands.. I don't know how to link to my previous posts but they explain her attitude.. So tonight she has an argument with her boyfriend of 9 months (he's 15) about him laughing at her about something trivial.. I get on very well with the boyfriend so he texted me to say she won't answer her phone, please check on her. I did & she was absolutely fine, just a bit stroppy about him taking the piss out of her inability to do maths homework. Clearly she spoke to him at some point because he then sent me a text saying "PLEASE KEEP AN EYE ON XXXX PLEASE CHECK ON HER NOW AND SPEAK TO HER ALL NIGHT PLEASE " I spoke to her & she was fine. Then got another text from boyfriend saying "PLEASE KEEP CHECKING ON HER. FOR ME PLEASE sad(((" I've checked her again all ok, boyfriend hasn't responded to the why do I need to check on her text I sent, but I know his parents take his phone away at night so he's not up all night texting DD. So I'm assuming she's being a drama queen, in which case I'm appalled at her manipulative behaviour, but at the same time I can't afford to take the risk that she might be seriously thinking of self-harm & I'd be a horrible & negligent parent to be so dismissive if there's real issues going on that I don't know about & she really feels that bad about herself

noblegiraffe Mon 19-Jan-15 00:16:48

Can you go into her room, start making up a bed on the floor and say that you will be sleeping in with her tonight? If she asks why, you can say 'I think you know why, don't you?'

If she was just winding up her boyfriend, hopefully the truth will come out and you can berate her for worrying him. If she does need looking after then perhaps she will open up. If she doesn't, you're with her anyway.

Fool4u Mon 19-Jan-15 00:46:29

Just checked on her she's fast asleep. Might just sleep with her anyway.. Thankfully she has a double bed so I won't disturb her

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