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Dss 15 self conscious of deep set eyes

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CaffeineKid Sat 10-Jan-15 20:42:29

He seems to not like them which I find bizarre because I've always thought deep set eyes are a really beautiful feature. He says that no one else he knows has them and that they make him look grumpy all the time.

I think because deep set eyes are not that common he looks different to his friends. At that age everyone wants to be carbon copies of each other to fit in. I want to make him realise how good the feature is to have?

Heyho111 Sun 11-Jan-15 17:07:24

It's very difficult for a parent to help make their child feel good about something they dislike about themselves.
If you try to show him they are attractive he will either think you are just saying it because you're his mum or hate them more because you like them and what a parent likes is not good.
I don't know how you can help. Perhaps ignore it but help him feel good with trendy clothes and shoes and a styled hair cut. Not saying you don't do this already. When he complains about them just say everyone has something they dislike about themselves. Tell him you dislike your ......... And know how he feels. Acknowledging his dislike of them rather than trying to fix it will show him you understand his feelings. That you too feel that way about something on yourself so normalising his feelings. This should inadvertantly help him.

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