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I think my daughter is abusing drugs

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jolenesmith Thu 08-Jan-15 19:28:09

My eldest daughter Britney has lately been acting very strange. She never talks to me, is constantly being aggressive towards her younger siblings and staying out at night for hours, telling me she's "just hanging out".
Her grades have dropped drastically, she isolates herself from family events and to me, looks ill and run down. When she actually does talk to me she drifts off and isn't able to hold a conversation, I have most recently noticed that she seems to be itching her skin a lot yet she tells me "it's fine stop fussing".
This surely isn't normal behaviour? Could it all just be exam stress?

cleo14 Thu 08-Jan-15 20:49:17

It could be a number of things, what age is she? I would be inclined to think its good old teenage hormones, however it's important to keep an open mind when parenting a teenager.

igotaway Thu 08-Jan-15 20:51:10

what do you mean by she drifts off?

is Britney nodding of as in dropping off with eyes closed? - conversation stops mid sentence? is her voice slurred? then jerks awake?

I wouldn't think this is 'exam stress' at all - how old is Britney?

look at her room to start with, in all sorts of hidey places.

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