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Depressed 17 yr old ds that won't except help!!

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yetwig Tue 06-Jan-15 16:19:14

I love my ds and last year was far from easy for both of us, partner of 16 years left (not sons dad, but had acted like one), I then had a serious horse riding accident, so thinks haven't been good. Ds has a fantastic new job in IT with a very understanding boss. He's had a few problems at work but thing have been sorted now. He's had two weeks off work over Xmas has been back one day and has phoned in sick today, he has had a bit of a cold but nothing a lemsip wouldn't take care off. He's been in bed all day refuses to get up. He's sort off under a doctor who gave him prozac which he sort of takes when he remembers, if I ask or remind him he goes off on one, can be scary as he's 6 ft 4 and has hit out before. One minute he on cloud nine the next he's lower than low, the whole family is here for him even his dad but he just gets funny if anyone says stuff that he doesn't agree with or doesn't want to do.

Could he have bi polar? He has no sympathy for other, only sees his own views are right. I tried taking to the doctor but as he's nearly 18 theirs nothing I can do. Please someone help me!!

Sorry about the spelling and grammer typing with my left hand as I have just had my collarbone pined.

Anjelica27 Tue 06-Jan-15 21:52:54

Couldn't read and not reply. Having problems with my own ds also 17 following a suicide attempt and self harming. At present refusing any help from doctor and CAMHS but I was able to make an appointment at the GP by myself to ask what I could do to help him. Because of his age they won't tell you anything about him which I found so frustrating but the doctor was able to talk generally about what you can do. Feel so sorry for you being injured as well, hope you are not in too much pain. Not much help I'm afraid, sending a hug x

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