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DS won't go to school

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Jayne131 Mon 05-Jan-15 19:26:39

My sd is 15 and started year 11. Since September he has been ill on and off but has also resisted going to school when perfectly fine. He's suddenly become a different child moody aggressive etc he doesn't go out or socialise at all so I know he's not drinking or taking drugs. The school have been good and he doesn't have to go to lessons but can sit in an office to work. There was an issue with an faux internet account set up on his name in September but that has resolved although he never found out who did it. He is adamant he's not being bullied and we have check with some friends who have confirmed this. He says he hates school it's boring and is not learning anything and just does not want to be there. His dad came home before me and asked him calmly why he didn't go to school today. He exploded with anger dh tried to calm him down and touched his arm. Que don't touch me I'm phoning the police that's assault.........he's gone to his nans house and won't come back until dh has gone to bed! I am on the verge of a breakdown. Any ideas / help please

lljkk Mon 05-Jan-15 20:21:38

A few of us on MN have teen boys who are difficult about going to school. I can't say anything magical, just offer moral support.

Anjelica27 Mon 05-Jan-15 21:01:10

Sounds like his school are being supportive, just keep talking to them. Sorry no great pearls of wisdom but couldn't read and not say thinking of you and sending a hug x

homework Fri 09-Jan-15 01:49:21

Jayne has he decided what he'd like to do next after he's done his gcse , what have school predicted as levels he's likely to get .
Have you looked at sixth form collages , further education , vocational courses , or apprenticeship .
Tell him your aware he's not happy where he is so needs to start to look for next stage in his life , and he is not going to sit at home doing nothing .
Let him know that you support his decision , even if it's not what you want or thought he do .
Do you think he's suffering from stress / depression , would counselling help . These days people can and do change there career options many times , as no job / career is forever.

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