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xmas to temp leading to job help

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oncearedstar Thu 18-Dec-14 21:57:44

Ds is currently in an Xmas temp part time job which he absolutely loves, a few days ago notices were put up at his work regarding permanent contracts after Xmas, with there been numerous temps and few roles he's anxious and nervous but basically all they have been told is to write his availability in writing , he isn't shore if he's required to wrote a bit more about Job or whether it should be hand written or typed it has to be asap so help would be appreciated as I have no retail experience

Heyho111 Thu 18-Dec-14 22:47:09

Sumit a cv with a covering letter. The letter should say how much he has enjoyed working for them, he likes the people and the ethos of the company. That he would very much like to be part of the companies future. Also add hours he is available to work.

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