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both of my 11 year old (they are twins 1 boy 1 girl) got braces last Friday and are in a lot of pain

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bothkidswithbraces360 Thu 04-Dec-14 17:05:53

DD1 my girl is suffering the most with her braces unlike DD2 isnt suffering that less then her I stay up every night with them because of how much pain there in I've tried useing bonjela and nurophen Medicine and calpol but nothing is working I'm in bits seeing my baby's go through this as they are only 11sad I have only just got my braces off myself so I know how it feels to have braces it hurts a lot I need to know how to help my baby's as I've kept them off school due to being awake every single night for 6 days oh I almost forgot to say they both have elastics to wear to correct their over bites as being a single parent living in Connecticut USA with two pre-teenagers its hard but They both needed braces so I did it for their own good
Please say how to get them to sleep and eating because they both are refuseing to eat and to get them to stop crying
Many thanks for reading
Kari xxxxx

todayiamfat Thu 04-Dec-14 17:10:52

It is like this for a while. I promise it doesn't last. Although a week is a bit excessive.

Keep them dosed up on paracetemol. Try soup etc. But if you think this is more than what you would expect-take them back to the orthodontist.

But it is miserable. I remember it well.

Doyouthinktheysaurus Thu 04-Dec-14 17:15:55

That sounds like a long time to be in that much pain to me.

Da1 had braces fitted in August and the pain was much better by day 3. I'd say he had 24 hours of real horrible pain before it became more bearable and certainly by day 6 he was back to normal.

Do you have braces wax? Is the problem with rubbing or the actual teeth?

In short I'd call the orthodontist and ask advice. It's horrid to see your children in pain.

The day ds1 had his fitted he told me and do he blamed us for making him have braces and he hated themsad Fast forward 6 weeks when they were tightened and he was so pleased because his teeth had moved and straightened so much.

Heyho111 Thu 04-Dec-14 23:20:13

Brilliant tip !
If the braces are rubbing on their cheeks or gums and you have run out of dental wax buy some baby belle. Use the wax covering the cheese as a quick fix till you can get some more wax. It works a treat.
Just aching because the brace is tight should go very soon.

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