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Working Teens

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stillnotsorted Tue 02-Dec-14 09:23:49

Dd1 (13) has said she wants a Saturday job. She claims her 14 yr old friend has started working in a pottery craft place for £20 on a Saturday. I knew children could do paper rounds but unsure of the legalities of them working elsewhere at such a young age.

Does your young teen work? What job?
And how old are they?

Am struggling to come up with ideas of what she can do.

ISingSoprano Tue 02-Dec-14 09:28:05

Does this help working restrictions for children

ISingSoprano Tue 02-Dec-14 09:28:59

My 16year old dd works in a cafe - waiting, washing up etc. My ds worked in a shop when he was 15.

stillnotsorted Tue 02-Dec-14 15:32:12

Thanks Ising, that's very useful

HesNotAMessiah Tue 02-Dec-14 16:08:07

We've had the same thing, very few cash handling places will take anyone under 16.

Local stables/riding school or a dog walker, cattery and kennels etc seem a little more flexible.

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