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My daughter

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choochoomcgrew Mon 24-Nov-14 14:02:23

We have had a hell of a 6 months.
She is 17 and at college.
But after moving out to her fathers a few months ago, she is finally coming home (after telling me she will never live with me again).
She has finally admitted she needs to see a Dr to help with why she self harms.
I am going very easy on her - just being there for her and helping where I can.
So we have self harming and the feeling that she cant cope with A levels. She is doing 3 but feels she is failing so once we speak to the Dr we can speak to the college - surely dropping to 2 is better than dropping it all.
I am just eager to handle this in the best way I can.
We get on very well but there are personality clashes.

I am so happy she is coming home and I want it to last, I dont want her to throw "well I may as well go and live with dad" at me (she has history for emotional blackmail and playing one parent off the other).

Dont know what I am asking, I just dont want to get this wrong.

I never did finish "Get out of my life....." I think that is what I will spend the afternoon doing before she gets home.

CalicoBlue Mon 24-Nov-14 21:25:17

Good luck, sounds as if you have a challenge ahead. Just keep her close and listen.

Awks Mon 24-Nov-14 21:28:31

Good luck. My best friends daughter said to her last week "I was a bit of a nightmare, wasn't I" --and she's now 17 and was a fucking out of control pain"

So take her everywhere and tell her everything and hope it goes ok xx

Heyho111 Fri 28-Nov-14 22:57:21

Fantastic news that she's coming home.
She's half way there realising she needs you and needs to see her gp.
College / school counsellor might be worth looking at. Waiting list for them is usually very short.
If a levels are too much. Have a think about her doing a BTEC. She will be able to go to uni with it and find it easier to do than a levels. This may help with her confidence difficulties.
But it's having mum hugs that is really help her at the mo. I hope it goes well.

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