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Help 14yr old body image

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inchigh Sun 23-Nov-14 23:28:34

Im hoping someone anyone can help out with dd is a a step..but ignore that as shes been with me since 5..always had issues her birth mum signed over custody when she was 3 and doesnt acknowledge dd..anyway..all was pretty much normal stuff kids go through till now..she got a new phone and is on instagram/kick/snapchat..suddenly shes turned vegetarian..ok dont get me wrong dont have a problem with it but my kid who sooo used to love my kickin chicken and ribs turns up and says shes gone veg..iknow her pretty well i knew she was hiding something but listened to her father who said ok go veg but we're not cooking extra in other words saturday i did homemeade burgers..homemade chips and all she had was salad and a few chips..ok so today she lost her mobile..cut a long story short we got it back and i confiscated it..shes gone to bed furiuos..and i did the cardinal sin of looking on her instagram account..i want to cry people i really do ..shes following this girl wbo has real issues self harms and has offered advice to teens who think they are dd posted a picture of a bowl of salad and said this is all ive eaten today and i feel really fat..the girls advice was to make herself sick...ok so i know i know violated her trust my lloking on her phone but i knew there was more to being vegetarian than she was letting on..her fathers not much going nuts dont know wether to confront her have no idea how to deal with this help please and dont judge me cos i looked on her phone im worried sick..she posts pictures saying her thighs are so fat theres nothing of her

Heyho111 Fri 28-Nov-14 23:06:01

This is do hard. You must be incredibly worried. I think you should start making her proper veg meals. You could all eat some of them.
I think I would have to own up to looking on her phone. Say you know she is going to be mad with you but you are worried and love her.
Talk about how she feels about herself. You may have to do it in stages.
Ask for her to see the school councillor. Perhaps take her to your gp as well. It needs nipping in the bud before it gets too ingrained.

silviameredith Sat 29-Nov-14 21:03:22

The quicker you get help the better. You could see the GP, there is also a really good charity ABC ( as they support the children and the parents.Good luck

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