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How to stop son sharing too much online

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brandy321 Wed 12-Nov-14 12:06:19

My 19 year old, like most teens, spends every waking moment online. My issue is that his FB and twitter accounts are public and he often makes inappropriate rants about his tutors, friends and things in the media. Last night he posted some very racist, BNP style rants. I have told him time and time again, be careful what you put online as potential employers WILL check your Twitter/FB. Also it makes him look like a close minded idiot.

He was also defending Ched Evans, which I am sure he did to piss me off as I was saying how shocking it was he was allowed to train.

He is very immature for his age, which I think it part of it, but he also likes the attention and arguing with online strangers when he makes these stupid remarks. How do I get him to see the damage he is doing? Or, like DH suggests do I leave him to it as he is a grown man? He is a full time student, but still lives at home and we pay for everything.

ChillySundays Wed 12-Nov-14 17:07:37

Google articles about employers looking at facebook pages to show him the consequences?

If he is at home and you are paying then I would be threatening cutting off the support if he is unwilling to co-operate. I know he is an adult but he also needs to understand these comments are unacceptable

kleinzeit Wed 12-Nov-14 18:13:24

He is 19 and an adult, so I would keep out of his online business. Could you think about getting him to move out into a student residence or a room in a flat? Or insist he gets a part time job and contributes something towards his own upkeep? Meeting different people in real life and having to get on with them because you live with them or work for them is a good way to become more mature and an antidote to online stupidity!

specialsubject Fri 14-Nov-14 12:35:35

I'm afraid that it sounds like he IS a closed-minded idiot...

also time he started contributing, if he's got time to arse around on the internet for hours he's got time to get some work.

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