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Sibling jealousy with relationships

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Bankofmumanddad Tue 04-Nov-14 20:08:44

At the end of my patience with my children teen girls/boys bitching about each other bout to tear my hair out.

TeenAndTween Tue 04-Nov-14 20:57:10

Go and have a nice relaxing bath. thanks

openthewineplease Thu 06-Nov-14 10:12:06

Hi, i totally sympathise with you, 4 girls, 15,15, (SS) 13, 7 always grumbling about each other, some more than others, hate it. Why do they have to interfere in each others business so much ?? I was am an only child and would have loved siblings, why the hell cant they just let each other do their own thing, and not get their knickers in such a twist over irrelevant stuff. (wine)(wine)

annielostit Thu 06-Nov-14 12:06:37

Theyll get on eventually as they drop the hormones and find theyre own way. I argued with one of mine constantly.
Unfortunately it might never change below the surface. I have 2dsis. One says she's the middle child now, she's 50 ffs. I'm the baby so I'm spoilt!!!. I am but because I don't take any notice and my oh has a nice job. Got on with my brother like a house on fire!

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