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What do your teenage boys wear in bed?

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basildonbond Mon 03-Nov-14 08:11:50

Ds2 is almost 15, has dyspraxia and mild aspergers but is doing very well in mainstream secondary

Clothes in general are a bit of a minefield as he's exceptionally tall and thin (currently 6'1" and still growing but with a 24" waist). He also hates getting rid of things so will wear clothes which are way too small for him as they're comfy and familiar. I police his daytime wardrobe as much as possible as I don't want to give the school bullies any more potential ammunition but at home he wears what he wants.

He's off on a residential school trip this week and I've realised all his beloved PJs are way too small so I need to get him some new ones urgently but what?? Ds1 is no help as he's just worn t-shirt and boxers for years. What can ds2 wear which I can get hold of easily and which will be acceptable. I suspect the geek count on this trip is fairly high so we're not talking cutting edge cool!

LeftHandedMouse Mon 03-Nov-14 08:18:52

t shirts and shorts are perfectly acceptable, sold specifically as 'sleep' shorts - ie bigger and looser than boxers. Asda, Primark etc do them.

Or if he's not one of these teenage boys who have no problem staying warm all year round in just a t-shirt then 'lounge pants' (aka glorified pyjamas) are on option. They come in sets too.

My son was tall and thin, 6'4 but not so slim at the waist as yours, but he found H&M extra long jeans fitted. Online order only.

And next seem to have started making their 'long' trousers a bit longer as he's picked up a cpl pairs recently in the shop which have fitted and he used to have to order those in too.

NoelleHawthorne Mon 03-Nov-14 08:20:26

pj shorts or PANTS

i hate the pants

on a school trip they would find some pj shorts though

NoelleHawthorne Mon 03-Nov-14 08:21:10

agree with H and M or uniqlo for jeans

TheFirstOfHerName Mon 03-Nov-14 08:22:40

DS1 (neurotypical): as little as possible, but we insist on underwear.
DS2 (AS): as much as possible. Usually underwear, vest, and pyjamas.

TheFirstOfHerName Mon 03-Nov-14 08:23:31

...and socks.

NoelleHawthorne Mon 03-Nov-14 08:23:44

why do you insist on underwear?

AmpersandRea Mon 03-Nov-14 08:31:27

My TDSs both wear the brushed cotton tartan baggies from Boden (Johnnie B) and a t-shirt. Comfy and warm.

bigTillyMint Mon 03-Nov-14 11:02:06

DS wears sleep shorts (Tesco, I think!) I think he wears boxers under, but haven't checkedwink

He also has some long "lounge" pants and Tshirts for winter weather, but TBH doesn't really wear them much.

Travelledtheworld Mon 03-Nov-14 12:28:09

DD 14 6 foot 2 but 32 waist has been known to sleep in his clothes but wears pyjama shorts and a T in the summer or long pyjama trousers and a T in the winter. He is now into Men's Medium size.

Sainsburys. Tesco and Asda all do affordable PJ's Though I did get some nice Angry Birds PJ, s in M&S Last year.

HelpMeGetOutOfHere Mon 03-Nov-14 12:34:58

both ds (almost 13 and 17) wear things like this with plain t-shits when its cold.

we've brought them all over, they usually have elasticated waist with a drawstring and most supermarkets and places like primark, m&s bhs etc sell them. plain thermal t-shirts in a 2 pack from Primark similar to this except the primark ones are ribbed

both ds vary greatly in height and build, ds2 is already 5'10 maybe 5'11 and wider build whereas ds1 is 5'8 and very slim, both wear size small mens.

TheFirstOfHerName Mon 03-Nov-14 14:42:51

why do you insist on underwear?

1. Hygeine: he only changes his sheets once a fortnight.
2. Modesty: he has three younger siblings running in and out of his room.

TheFirstOfHerName Mon 03-Nov-14 14:44:11

By underwear, I mean a pair of boxers or trunks. Same rule applies for his siblings.

wannabestressfree Mon 03-Nov-14 14:45:57

Ds1 (aspergers) football shorts and t-shirt.
Ds2 - lounge pants from primark. Last nights were family guy.
Ds3- pj's (likes to be warm)

TheFirstOfHerName Mon 03-Nov-14 14:46:31

If he wants to replace those with a pair of pyjama shorts or pyjama trousers in the winter then that's fine, but he has to wear something.

TheFirstOfHerName Mon 03-Nov-14 14:54:19

DF also used to wander around in the nude at his house, until I asked him to wear boxers whenever the children and I are are there.

DH sometimes walks around our house naked.

I have to live here too. I don't want to see everyone's knobs waving about in the kitchen or living room, and I don't want naked bottoms on my furniture.

TheFirstOfHerName Mon 03-Nov-14 14:59:00

Sorry, I may have got a bit ranty there.

NoelleHawthorne Mon 03-Nov-14 15:08:05

in bed, they can do as they please. I think all his siblings know what a cock looks liek and normally he has the covers over him

Think you sound a bit uptight

secretsquirrels Mon 03-Nov-14 15:56:22

At home they wear nothing in bed, unless it's very cold then DS2 will wear shorty PJs.
Away from home PJ shorts. Both are very tall and long pyjamas are too short.

Bowlersarm Mon 03-Nov-14 16:04:52

They wear whatever they want. I don't care if they are naked in their own beds, I think that's their decision to make not mine.

Generally ds1 wears boxers or nothing, ds2 wears full long pjs both tops and bottoms, ds3 wears boxers and a t shirt.

nooka Tue 04-Nov-14 05:56:16

My 15 year old sounds the same sort of shape as the OPs, over six foot and very slim. Also with some interesting ideas about clothes smile

He wears lounge pant type pj bottoms, mostly a foot or so too short, (Christmas PJs required!) plus an array of t-shirts/tops depending on the weather.

For school he likes layers. Lots of layers! Recently he discovered that if he wore pjs under his trackies under his chinos it was 'very comfy'... On top he often has six or seven layers, although I noticed he had stopped wearing hoodies under his blazer after I commented that it looked as if he had a hunchback. I'm not sure if the layers are a sensory thing or to make him look a bit bulkier or both, but luckily (or unluckily!) he doesn't care about what others think of his appearance and goes to a non uniform school.

Re the PJs would cutting them off into long shorts be an option? They'd still feel right but wouldn't look so obviously grown out of.

CheerfulYank Tue 04-Nov-14 06:00:54

This thread isn't about other people being "uptight".

Anyway, OP, my DS is only seven but the size of a ten or eleven year old and already I've run into a bit of a pajama problem. It's cold where we live and the lightweight nylon character-y ones just don't cut it. I've found plain sweatpants and tee-shirts or long underwear type tops do the trick.

NoelleHawthorne Tue 04-Nov-14 06:28:16

oh SORRY - I forgot only you can determine the direction of a thread!

Chimchar Tue 04-Nov-14 06:36:15

my ds wears boxers.

Primark have some really FAB jama bottoms in the mens the loungewear kind of ones other people have mentioned. All kinds of wars, muppets, family guy, batman etc. they were cheap too!

Ohmygrood Tue 04-Nov-14 06:43:11

My ds's wear PJ bottoms, boxers or nothing - whatever they feel comfy in. My 2 both have sensory difficulties so they need to be comfy to sleep.

I used to buy their PJ's from Boden until I discovered NewLook - their small mens size should fit a 15 year old boy nicely. They are really good value and some are 100% cotton. They especially like the marvel type prints.

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