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DS2 is 17, has ODD and has left the family home

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M2GMOJK Thu 09-Oct-14 23:51:23

My story really began from a long time ago. I am frankly too mentally exhausted to even know where to start. If anyone has personal experience of dealing with ODD or Youth homelessness, please can you lend me some support. Thanks in advance.

DieselSpillages Fri 10-Oct-14 07:04:59

I am so sorry to hear this OP. Is he with friends, do you know where he is ?

Chimchar Tue 28-Oct-14 08:37:14

I know this thread is a few weeks old now. I hope your lad is safe and has decided to come home.

I work with teenage boys, a number of who have ODD. I'm no expert, but happy to listen if you still want to talk.

BrowersBlues Sun 02-Nov-14 15:38:57

I am afraid that I don't have any relevant experience but just want to say that I hope you are ok. You are going through a very difficult time and I understand how exhausting it all is. You really are not alone and from the threads on this board it seems that these issues are all too common.

Take care of yourself.

choochoomcgrew Mon 03-Nov-14 19:39:19

So sorry I have no advice. Im in a different situation that DD 17 has moved out but shes with her father.
The fighting and the emotional beating shes giving me is so hard though - I feel so much for you.
How are things now?

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