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How often do students come home?

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carolinecupcake Sun 31-Aug-14 22:44:09

In your experience how often do your DCs come home for the weekend?

50KnockingonabiT Mon 01-Sep-14 16:14:04

Mine is once a month and holidays

BackforGood Mon 01-Sep-14 16:21:16

I'm not expecting ds back until Christmas.
He's my eldest, but I've plenty of nieces, nephews, Godchildren, friends dc etc already at University and they only come home at Christmas and Easter unless their girlfriend/boyfriend is at home.

secretsquirrels Mon 01-Sep-14 16:38:23

BackforGood Ah. It had crossed my mind that we may see more of DS because his GF is going to a uni to the North of us and he is going South grin.
I suppose it also depends how far home is? DS will be 4/5 hours by train.

I wouldn't think a visit home in the first few weeks is a good idea but I had thought maybe once or twice a term.

BackforGood Mon 01-Sep-14 16:47:01

Now ds's girlfriend is in London, so I'm presuming any visits will be in that direction, rather than towards home wink

That of course, would be if he ever gets hi finger out to set up his student a/c and get the railcard, and of course the maintenance loan. At the rate he's going, he might just be starving in his room.

ISingSoprano Mon 01-Sep-14 17:10:11

Ds is only 20 miles from home but we only see him about twice a term when he comes home for 24 hours (Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon). Works for us. He is already saying he may stay in his student house next summer.

carolinecupcake Mon 01-Sep-14 17:22:55

He'll be 3 hours drive away. DH thinks he'll be home every weekend with his dirty washing but I reckon he'll prefer it there especially if he gets a girlfriend!

BackforGood Mon 01-Sep-14 17:25:17

It'd be a lot cheaper to put it in the launderette than buy a train ticket/coach ticket home.

TheWoollybacksWife Mon 01-Sep-14 17:49:24

DD1 (about to start 3rd year) comes home about once a term but her year is three terms of 10 weeks. She's only 25 miles away so I usually drive over at least once or twice a term for the afternoon (better shopping there grin) We also go to her to celebrate Mothers Day and Fathers Day

Theas18 Tue 02-Sep-14 10:32:55

at the end of terms only here. However they have/hope for choral scholarships so thats Fri night and Sunday stitched up every weekend!

mumblechum1 Wed 03-Sep-14 14:16:12

DS spent virtually all of the summer in his uni city as he's in lurve (actually they've been practically living together since they met in Jan), and works up there every weekend. so we saw him for a week in the summer. At Xmas and Easter he spent about half the time here, and has had I think 2 weekends here in the last year.

I'd rather he was here a bit more, but you can go too far; a friend's dd spent so much time at home (every weekend) she never settled and ended up dropping out half way through 1st year.

TeenAndTween Wed 03-Sep-14 16:17:46

I never went home in term time (but did have lectures on Saturday mornings). My parents came up once a term to visit myself and my brother and take us out for lunch. I was not aware of anyone doing that, it just wasn't done.

DH on the other hand went home every weekend to see his then girlfriend. He regrets it now as he missed out a lot on university life.

Ragwort Wed 03-Sep-14 16:36:10

I never went home either during term time (it was the late 70s grin) - and I think my mother only visited a couple of times in the whole 4 years and my dad never - as Teen said, it just wasn't the done thing in those days. Just as well, so they didn't know what I got up to grin.

Isthiscorrect Wed 03-Sep-14 19:11:00

We live overseas so we won't see ds from when we drop him off t uni to when he comes to see us at Christmas. I would say home but we are expecting to move internationally in the near future, so we may or may not be in the city and country he knows! I don't know about him but I'm stressed about the whole thing already. Lol.

MrsWOLF1 Thu 04-Sep-14 22:31:09

Ds spent his 3rd year at uni in Lund so didn.t see him from September until June ..leaves for his English uni on 20th Sept he may come at Xmas if not we will see him next summer !!

DandyDan Fri 05-Sep-14 15:03:55

I never came home in term-time.

One child of mine comes home every three weeks to see their boyfriend and us. That seems fair. Their friendship group is not at uni - so they are just there to attend lectures/seminars and work very hard.

Mumof5ofthefuture Wed 10-Sep-14 21:01:30

Well delighted to see that the big kids are also a topic of discussion. Had my first one head off to Uni today. I left her at the student residence putting on a brave face but fell apart at the seams when I got to the car. Settled down now and realise it is a tremendously exciting time for her as she takes a baby step into independence. I'm sure many of of you have been there and looking at the posts I'm heartened to read that they do come back and visit.

littlewhitebag Wed 10-Sep-14 21:24:39

Your DS will not be making a 3 hour journey home every weekend. He will have a social life to maintain- as well as work to do!

My DD recently graduated. She was about 1.5 hours away. We saw her maybe once a term. She either came home or we visited her.

The terms are short and the Christmas holidays will be here before you know it.

Redbat Wed 17-Sep-14 08:46:35

I think it varies enormously.

My oldest was typical of her friends. She came home for one weekend during the term, we went to visit once per term and she came home for the holidays.

My youngest starts next week and she'll do the same.

I've got a friend whose daughter comes home every weekend but she is in self-catered accommodation, only an hour and a half away and has very little contact time. She says that her hall is dead at weekends because everyone clears out.

Dwerf Wed 17-Sep-14 08:50:31

My son's uni is right down south, it's 8 hours on the coach. He came home last year for Christmas, Easter and then for the summer. And he goes back in a couple of days.

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