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weekend away ideas with older teens

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2fedup Sat 30-Aug-14 08:35:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

secretsquirrels Sat 30-Aug-14 14:47:14

Mine are always happy to go to Center Parcs.

You could do a night in London, with a show?

2fedup Sat 30-Aug-14 16:40:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hereshoping1 Sat 30-Aug-14 17:57:08

Activity weekend in Wales - there's a really big zip wire (sorry not sure where!) and lots of places doing biking/ caving etc...

Heyho111 Sat 30-Aug-14 19:41:39

Segway day would go down a storm. It's also something you'd enjoy. It's the in thing to do as well so would make you just under cool. There are a few places about. One is in Chepstow.

Travelledtheworld Sat 30-Aug-14 21:17:22

How old are they ?
How about a Ghost Hunting weekend ?

Do they like outdoor things ?
The YHA offer activity weekends.
I would recommend a weekend in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. Climbing, canoeing, off road cycling, Go Ape. Go down a coal mine.

Rent a narrow boat on the Grand Union Canal and sleep on it. They can take turns to steer it and work the locks.

3nationsfamily Tue 02-Sep-14 14:02:37

Alton Towers would be a good bet- you can stay off resort pretty cheaply nearby as the insure hotels seem to be geared for younger families rather than teens

AppleAndMelon Tue 02-Sep-14 20:45:36

We are going to go quad biking soon - would yours enjoy that?

2fedup Wed 03-Sep-14 20:30:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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