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18 yr old DS - another year wasted?

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Hereshoping1 Wed 04-Jun-14 19:13:48

DS re-doing year 12 - first time round he got a C an E at AS level. So re-started at college doing level 3 BTEC in engineering which he has enjoyed, good attendance etc. he has minor learning difficulties (Dyspraxia). We knew he wasn't working that hard, but he said he was on top of things. Today he has come home to say that he is only going to get a 30 credit certificate, as he hasn't completed enough assignments. Basically the equivalent of 1 AS.
He is 18 so I have been very good and not said what I really think. However, I feel so disappointed that he had this second chance and blew it. I don't know how best to tackle this? Leave him to it ?

He has applied for a couple of apprenticeships (a wise move probably as clearly college is not his thing!) but what is a prospective employer going to make of these results?

heyday Wed 04-Jun-14 22:00:37

Perhaps he was not on the right course or perhaps he just isn't cut out for formal education as such. He may well do better in an apprenticeship as it's more hands on. All he can do is keep applying. If he is not successful then perhaps he could undertake some voluntary work to gain some valuable experience and looks good on his cv. I know you feel disappointed but he is still very young really and it might be taking him a while to find his way. Try not to let him see your disappointment as this could wreck his self esteem.

Hereshoping1 Thu 05-Jun-14 10:45:48

Just tried to have supportive conversation and found out he has been given loads of advice and support but 'he doesn't like being told to change his way of thinking and doing things'. So on a hiding to nothing until he wants to accept that. So his Current strategy of burying his head in the sand will continue. Hopefully he can get an apprenticeship but he will need those time management skills even more, I expect.

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