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Glasses for teen DD

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TeenAndTween Tue 03-Jun-14 11:18:30

My DD age 14 needs new glasses.

She likes some with really thick frames which according to the optician are now the 'fashion' but which DH and I really don't think suit her colouring or face (all you see are the glasses). Also they remind me of the old 'NHS glasses' of the 70s.

We would prefer something much more subtle that we think complements her face much better.

Obviously she has to wear them and feel OK about them.

We have to look at them.
We have to pay for them.
They are likely to last 2 years - fashions change.
Her current glasses which she chose are already quite strong on her face. I still don't like them at all after 2 years.

I suppose we could say she can have her choice if she likes them enough to pay for them herself out of her savings? Would that be fair?

Nocomet Thu 05-Jun-14 11:24:27

Yes, its your job just to pay up.

I have worn glasses since I was 10, DD since she was 6. It's your nose, you have to be happy with what sits in it 12 plus hours a day.

I was eternal grateful my parents let me choose non NHS ones despite not really having the money.

I always let DD choose (and make a special, very rainy trip when she doesn't like the local choice) because they are such a central part of how she looks to the world.

Her last two pairs have been geek ones, despite her definitely not being. I don't especially like them, but she does and that's what matters.

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