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sunrise festival....and teens!

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smileyforest Thu 29-May-14 21:57:02

My two boys have gone off to this festival with friends etc....aged nearly 16y and nrly 18y...
Just had the first disastrous ph call......the cooker wouldnt work...connecting the gas cannister and it blew up!!!! Oh my days....worried is expensive there...i told them to chuck cooker...and live on their 'munch' food....I suppose they will survive...!!!!
First festival alone...worrying.....I'm working next 3 days...just as well I suppose!

chocoluvva Fri 30-May-14 08:44:29


How long will they be away?

My teens aren't interested in festivals (so far) and I feel quite relieved. But I can see the appeal of them. They'll have a great time.

Bumping for a parent of a festival goer for you!

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