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chumaniward1 Tue 27-May-14 21:09:38

My daughter will turn 16 in September and wants to have a big party where she can invite lots of people, it will be in august or september and cost isnt too much of an issue as we want to make it special - any ideas much appreciated thanks

adeucalione Tue 27-May-14 23:18:14

I think we might need an idea of numbers, and a rough budget.

Are you brave enough for a house or garden party?

If you've got room for a garden party you could have a theme, hire a dj, fire pits, barbecue, tents.

If money really is no object you could hire a club or a bar, or go for the cheaper option of hiring a room somewhere and doing any catering yourself.

Hire out a cinema, providing popcorn and so on.

You could take a big group of friends for an experience - Snozone or GoApe or similar.

Makeovers at a beauty salon - they usually create a party atmosphere with non-alcoholic cocktails and food.

Giant picnic in the park with games.

ummmm...still thinking...

whatchatalkinboutwillis Tue 27-May-14 23:27:29

a house party - get some snacks, drinks (possibly alcohol), speakers with an iPod and leave them to it

midnightagents Wed 28-May-14 08:47:25

I think hiring out a room is probably the best idea, then providing some alcohol and see if you can get some lights, music etc. a friend of mine did this for their 16th and it was awesome, only bad thing was the room shut at a certain time (fairly early), so maybe a sleepover for best friends afterwards?

House party is a good idea too, depending on the size of your house, list of guests, valuables, live in relatives etc. I think my mum vacated for the night for mine, but we didn't have any other relatives living with us at the time so it wasn't a problem (and I was pretty trust worthy).

If its summer there is the possibility of them camping out somewhere maybe? As a teen I camped on the beach, in fields etc always a lovely experience. Or if you have a sizable garden maybe a gazibo (don't know how to spell it, pronounced ga-zi-bo) with music, food etc.

Hope she has a great time smile

homebythesea Wed 28-May-14 13:11:02

You need to be very realistic about alcohol whatever your plans. There will be those who preload and/or smuggle in vodka bottles in handbags/ coat pockets. And there will be vomit, and tears and maybe even fights. Whether you want this in your home is up to you wink

MotorLoo Wed 28-May-14 13:16:52

Festival party? Marquee, local bands playing for cheap/free (might do it as potentially good for exposure), hay bales to sit on, bonfire, circus performers (men on stilts etc)?

Dreamgirls234 Wed 28-May-14 15:12:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

getmeoutofteenhell Thu 29-May-14 19:01:26

Get a mobile beauty therapist/nail technician to come to your home and pamper the girls, with glasses of fake bubbly etc, they'll love it.

Socialaddict Wed 11-Nov-15 15:16:06

I just came across this post, as I have exactly the same "problem" for next year, hence reviving the post. I would be interested to know how did it go for your DD OP and what did you decide to do in the end?
My DD wants a sweet 16 party and I am stuck for ideas for venues in Central London, which offer this for 16 year olds (some younger teens too).

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