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Reassure me I'm not the only one with a 'giant' DS

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stella69x Tue 20-May-14 22:27:18

Just had to send a chest measurement to the rugby team for next years shirts. DS is 14 and measuring 44".
He was only 38 in September when I bought school stuff. I bought big for growing room but didn't think he would grow 6" in 6 months!
Poor boy his school shirts must be killing him. Poor me my pocket is going to hurt as I feel the need to replace most of his tops now

Theas18 Wed 21-May-14 21:23:55

Aww jimjam sweet and teeny - he'll grow won't he ? ( I'm assuming he isn't growth restricted?). DS has a really good friend who didn't grow till 15- he's a year older but DS was taller from about 12 ( still is though the friend is 6 foot now)

DS is 6'2" with a 16.5 collar, which we only found out at Xmas after year maybe of "do your shirt up you scruff bag....."

But despite his rugby players neck the chest size on a conventional, even slim fit shirt is huge???and he isn't small so I dunno who they are sized for!

He's 18 now fits his frame well but from about age 11 was tall with what seemed huge hands!

JamJimJam Wed 21-May-14 21:46:08

Yes, he'll grow (I hope)! He's not the shortest in his class.

Puberty knocks late at our house..

mousmous Wed 21-May-14 21:54:33

my dc is only in year 2 but has grown 3 shoe sizes and 2 clothes sizes since christmas and is tallest in class.
hope he doesn't take after the tall half of family, I have a 7ft cousin who is always sad they can't go on many rides on fairgrounds...

Arky Wed 21-May-14 21:57:04

We had to get very technical about measuring how tall the boys were. There are so many people who 'think' say they are taller than they are. We use levels, set squares and a metel tape measure. It's all very scientific. wink. They have to be standing naturally and looking forward.

One of my DS is 5 foot and 11 and 3/4 inches high but is still taller than a lot of his friends who claim to be 6 foot. shock

My mil is absolutely tiny, she is four foot something, we can't help but smile when she hugs DS2 who is 6'3"

singaporeswing Fri 23-May-14 06:53:29

Arky my parents were the same about measuring us.

Every male I know who is 5ft 10 claims to be 6ft. I am most definitely 5 ft 9 bang on and yet they are only just taller than I am!

SpottieDottie Fri 23-May-14 07:07:10

Oh no, I forgot the puberty growth spurt. DS is 10 and I reckon he's about 4 foot 8, size 6 1/2 shoe. He's going to be tall isn't he? <sigh>
He's got larger feet than my Mum and is catching me up fast.

Theas18 Fri 23-May-14 18:47:27

but... in contrat to my average/tall boy, i have teeny daughters lol both are just over five feet!

stella69x Fri 23-May-14 20:22:07

I'm now thinking this latest growth has definitely been quick, DS is shirtless and there are stretch marks across his back and under arms! Red angry late pregnancy ones! ( ok obviously not pregnancy ones due to gender and location, but it's all I an compare them too)shock

dementedma Fri 23-May-14 21:59:57

Another giant Ds here. Only 12 but size 10 shoes and wears clothes for age 14-15 or bigger.
5 foot 7 already and growing almost daily.

Greenrememberedhills Sat 24-May-14 09:43:55

DS2 6 ft 2.5 at 15.He was 6.2 at the age of 13- measured by hospital, where he was measured occasionally because he grew so fast and it hurt his ligaments. Size 11 shoes.

Best1sWest Sat 24-May-14 21:00:44

Another one here. He is 16 now and 6'4 with size 13 feet and a 46 in chest. He was over 6' at 12. He has the stretch marks too.

Best1sWest Sat 24-May-14 21:04:58

Try finding a car with room enough for him to sit in the back. I have resigned myself to being the one in the back if DH is driving and vice versa.

bigTillyMint Sat 24-May-14 21:16:38

DS is 13 and has grown very fast - also having trouble with muscles and ligaments. Went from size 7 footy boots at the start of last season to size 11 at the start of this season. He is still getting taller, but his feet haven't got any bigger thankfully. He is not a giant yet, but is taller than me!

DisgraceToTheYChromosome Sun 25-May-14 10:22:13

Dnephew is 6'4" at 14. He can also move silently, which is really disturbing.

louby44 Thu 29-May-14 09:31:44

DS14 5'11'' and size 11 shoes

DS11 5' 5' and size 9 shoes

Their dad and I are both tall so we knew we would have a couple of 6 footers. I'm glad, I think tall men are great!

libertytrainers Thu 29-May-14 09:33:33

love this thread!

my ds(12) is 5ft 7 wears mens large in primark and has size 10 feet. when will he stop growing

libertytrainers Thu 29-May-14 09:34:10

it's annoying though as people think he's older than he is and don't realise he's still a kid into kids things sad

libertytrainers Thu 29-May-14 09:35:42

where do you all get clothing for these boys? primark is the only place i can find that isn't ridiculously expensive, all kids clothing is way too small

papalazaru Thu 29-May-14 10:55:27

Same here liberty - people expect them to behave like 16year olds when they're only 12! We also shop in primark and have found some good stuff in BHS but mine really isn't into fashion or clothes. His favourite jeans are boden ones - a nice relaxed fit and very soft denim. Not cheap but they have lasted ages and they're on sale right now!

bigTillyMint Thu 29-May-14 11:42:38

Yes Primarni here too - he's a mens medium! He does have some branded sports tops, and loads of fashion trainers as well as his actual sports kits.

Best1sWest Sat 31-May-14 18:20:43

H&m, Matalan are good too.

honeybeeridiculous Sat 31-May-14 18:30:21

DS is 16, 6ft 3 and size 11 shoe

DD on the other hand, age 23, 5 ft 6 and size 5 shoe

Both eat for England grin

honeybeeridiculous Sat 31-May-14 18:33:10

DS has 34" inside leg and 33" waist, school trousers are a nightmare!

LizzieVereker Sat 31-May-14 18:33:45

DS1 is 14, 6ft 2, and size 12 feet. Where will we even buy shoes if his feet grow more?

LizzieVereker Sat 31-May-14 18:38:43

Honeybeer we have the same problem with school trousers. DS is 34 long leg. The school shop ones don't fit DS, but a lot of men's trousers look "fuddy duddy" on him. He will wear the Good Souls ones from the Littlewoods catalogue - they're dearer than school shop ones, but smart enough for school, not too uncool for DS, and last really we'll.

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