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where are you taking your teens on holiday this summer please?

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triplets Fri 16-May-14 06:27:43

After some good news y/day (husband in remission) we feel we can safely book a holiday for the first time in 6 years! Budget around £4,000 would like at least 10 days. Ideas and recommendations on places to keep three 16yr olds happy and give us a break...........achievable? Thanks smile

ancientbuchanan Fri 16-May-14 06:38:04

Excellent news.

How far? How hot?

Majorca great place, sun, sea, culture for adults, teen friendly, let them loose on island transport...

Ds heading to Cyprus with friends.

Malta quite grubby with all the half finished concrete buildings, but again magic island buses all go slowly into valletta so teens can go anywhere. Good snorkelling. Goo prettier.but. teens would prob find boring.

AgentProvocateur Fri 16-May-14 06:42:39

I'm taking mine to Mallorca, so I second ancientbuchanan's suggestion. We've been before and we all love it.

triplets Fri 16-May-14 06:45:34

We love Puerto Pollensa in Majorca, we used to own an apt there pre the trio, hold special memories of my first born who sadly died in 1994 sad Just not sure they would have enough to do, lovely beach though. Then having a dd with erratic periods it would be her and our luck she wouldn`t be able to swim! They would be very safe wandering around there but apart from cafes and the beach not sure they would find it enough?

triplets Fri 16-May-14 06:46:13

which part are you going to?

3catsandcounting Fri 16-May-14 09:39:04

Great news for you! We've spent the last few years in Pollensa, Algarve, mainland Spain. Dd(16) Ds(14). Sadly their days of being happy jumping in the pool all day are over, and last year in Spain there wasn't really enough to do. This year we're having a change and trying out a campsite on Lake Garda. I've booked the best/biggest mobile home possible, large decking, BBQ etc. It's a site that's been recommended to us (by fussy friends!!) so I'm hoping the table tennis/boules/tennis/football/pools/bars/ restaurants on site will kept them happy and fairly independent. The fact we're 2 mins walk away from the edge of the lake with pedaloes/boats etc will be a bonus too! We're also spending 2 nights in Venice at the end of the hol. (I'd still rather be in a lovely villa with my own pool though)

bruffin Fri 16-May-14 09:58:22

My DS 18 is heading for Iceland with gf, and then we are planning a bit holiday but not sure where yet.
My friend has just come back from Malta and said she loved it but didnt think it was a young persons place, however mentioned it to a young lad at work and he said he went to Malta last year when he was 19 and had a brilliant time. I'm not sure which bit he went to but he seemed to think there was a young persons area.

adeucalione Fri 16-May-14 10:16:17

We had a really successful holiday last year with our four teen DC - we did a cruise around the Med for 8 days with Royal Caribbean.

It was just the right mix of relaxing by the pool and (optional) sightseeing. Some days they stayed on board rather than join us on shore, and some days we convinced them to see a bit of culturegrin

There was lots to do on board too - a club for their age group to hang out every evening, several pools, ice skating.

There were some formal evenings in the dining room, but we gave those a miss - plenty of other options to eat, and everything prepaid so we didn't stress about them getting drinks and snacks every 5 minutes.

sweetfluffybunnies Fri 16-May-14 10:53:24

How about a centerparcs in Europe? We went to Kempervennen in Holland at New Year, loads for the kids to do (16 year old twins) including skiing (in snow dome so all year round), swimming, watersports in summer as well I think. Plus a big sports centre with table tennis, squash etc.

The centerparcs in mainland Europe are a lot cheaper than the ones in UK, and are just as good. It might be a bit of a trek to some of them - it took us about 3 hours to drive from Calais to Kempervennen, but well worth it.

bruffin Fri 16-May-14 11:13:31

My dc's loved Kempervennen as well. They spent the week on the waterski lake, they were a few weeks off 15 and 17 at the time.

Salazar Fri 16-May-14 14:50:52

Cyprus or Turkey has always been a favourite for us.

Best holiday I had as a teen growing up was a road trip around California. Flights and car rental, lots of driving and staying in crappy motels was all part of the fun. We didn't book anywhere to stay, just rocked up in a new city for a few nights and only slept in the room for minimum hours possible.

Saw some incredible things, was absolutely life changing.

HolidayCriminal Fri 16-May-14 15:10:09

I'm currently on a road trip in CA & AZ & my teenage DS would just as soon stay in the hotel room with good wifi all day (sigh). The younger ones would be happiest with full days watching cartoon network (bigger sigh).

bruffin Fri 16-May-14 15:12:58

We are looking to do that in July Salazar. DCs are now 16 and 18 and both dont have school in July so thought we would be able to get a cheaper holiday

MrsRuffdiamond Fri 16-May-14 15:22:43

Great news - what a relief for you!!

Why not try a villa with a pool, and games area (table tennis, pool table etc)? Our teens have always been happy to put up with a bit of sightseeing if they know they can go back and relax in the afternoon!

bigTillyMint Fri 16-May-14 15:24:49

For the last couple of years we have done AI - the teens have loved it, but we find it a bit tedious. It is good because they can be left safely to their own devices and lay in bed till 11 whilst I sunbathe by the poolwink
They absolutely loved Sharm and the snorkelling, etc and it was cheap as chips. Turkey was good too.

We have also always done more adventurous independent holidays too and we are off to Costa Rica/Nicaragua this year, itinerary TBD, but it will need to involve late startsconfused

TheSarcasticFringehead Fri 16-May-14 15:26:25

We're going to the UK (we live abroad) so not particularly helpful, but friends of ours in the UK are taking their teens to Budapest this year, and another family to Croatia.

BackforGood Fri 16-May-14 15:46:40

Great news. Delighted for you but don't forget to put aside a FORTUNE for your travel insurance

What about an All Inclusive in Tunisia ? Far cheaper than Europe but still a short flight and guaranteed lovely weather. Means they get to eat and drink all they want without the price going up - very useful with teens wink

MarmiteMania Fri 16-May-14 15:58:05

Israel. Best beaches (think Miami), water sports (diving, sailing etc), endless history, Tel Aviv is mainly about young people, incredible food. Congrats on your husband's remission!

Salazar Fri 16-May-14 16:03:33

bruff in, I'm so jealous. I'd kill to be able to erase my memory and experience CA for the first time all over again.

We have family out there so I'm over quite a bit, but the first time is just breathtaking. If you get the chance, do spend an afternoon on the beach at Pismo Beach. If it is glorious, it completely epitomises the American summer, Surfin USA thing.

The route we went for was fly to LA, San Diego, lots of little places on the way up to San Fran, Yosemite, out to Vegas, and back to LA with Disney at the end. Incredible stuff.

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Fri 16-May-14 16:07:20

Great news! smile. We are going to Majorca aswell - DCs are 16, 13 & 2.

triplets Fri 16-May-14 16:21:56

Our last holiday before the illness was a 4 week road trip to the West! We flew into SF, then Yosemite/Death Valley/Vegas/Williams/Grand Canyon/Sedona/Palm Desert and Anaheim, so amazing. We have been 4 times previously in the early 90`s with our first son. I think that's our problem, we have had the most amazing adventures, but my dh isn`t up to all the riving anymore, so sad to think that we may never do those things again. We have also been to Florida with the trio, would love to go back there but just cannot afford it. I went to the travel agents this morning to get some idea, yikes! Cruise prices indoor cabin were £1400 each, AI to Crete/Turkey/Majorca were between £7-8000! We have been to CP in Europe twice just for a midweek break but again dh doesn`t want to drive. Must be something out there, I myself quite fancy north Africa, will research! Thanks smile

Salazar Fri 16-May-14 16:49:41

Maybe Tenerife?

Kbear Fri 16-May-14 17:05:48

We're going to Fuerteventura - lots of activities for teens there - horse riding, bike hire, jet skis, discover scuba, nice beaches, unspoilt by the 18-30s!!, lots of great restaurants. My DD is 15 and I feel safe letting her go out to dinner with her friends (bit older) and meeting up with us later, giving her a bit of freedom. We stay in Costa Caleta.

Can't believe they're 16! time flies... and good news about DH.

TheSarcasticFringehead Fri 16-May-14 17:52:42

Salazar I live just outside LA (Burbank) and love going on trips all around here.

I love Israel. It's so interesting. I had a set view of what it would be like, but it was probably the best holiday I've been on.

Salazar Fri 16-May-14 17:54:46

Now I'm jealous! I'd love to up sticks and move out there.

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