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Probably a basic question!

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MrsG1 Mon 12-May-14 10:57:08

Hi there
I've joined mumsnet because I've got a 13 year old that I'm extremely worried about and wanted some advice on.

I've started looking through the threads here, but they are full of acronymns that I can't quite work out ... like DH, DS, DD .. plus others that I can't quite remember.

Is there a guide to these things somewhere - it's quite hard to understand a conversation and I've had a quick go at working them out, but can't see what the D means....


OwlCapone Mon 12-May-14 10:58:35

Here is a link to the acronym list

Sparklingbrook Mon 12-May-14 11:00:09

Hello MrsG. Welcome. smile

D stands for 'Darling'. So Darling daughter, darling son etc. Any other just ask. smile

Hopefully you will get some good advice. I have a 14 year old DS and find Mn invaluable for tips.

meditrina Mon 12-May-14 11:01:53

With a teen, it's probably "dratted daughter"

Sparklingbrook Mon 12-May-14 11:02:58

DS sometimes stands for 'Dopey Son' in this house. grin

MrsG1 Mon 12-May-14 11:18:19

Wow, that's a long acronym list ...

Wonder what the acronym for 'I'm in teenage hell' is?

Thanks to you all for your help ... ... hopefully I'll find some answers in these here forums. Teenage years are turning out to be the most stressful and my least favourite :-(

Sparklingbrook Mon 12-May-14 11:42:34

I am finding the teenage years a huge learning curve MrsG. You aren't alone....

DramaAlpaca Mon 12-May-14 11:46:03

Welcome MrsG1.

I completely agree with Sparkling that the teenage years are a huge learning curve, and at times very stressful. We're just getting towards the end of it in this house, I think - youngest DS is 16 & gradually turning back into a human being again...

MrsG1 Mon 12-May-14 12:01:42

I can cope with the rudeness, moodiness and hiding away in the bedroom - but she's at such an important stage in school - and just doesn't care.

At 13 who does I guess - but I just can't seem to get her to understand the importance of behaving well at school and working towards good grades.

And I'm not the most patient of people. I cope for so long with gently gently and then boom! It all degenerates into a row ... oh dear.

Sparklingbrook Mon 12-May-14 12:05:46

DS1 has a switch. Everything all nice and fine, you say something perfectly ordinary and he explodes. confused

Have you had any communication with school about it MrsG?

MrsG1 Mon 12-May-14 12:17:38

Yes lots. She's on report and has been for about two months now (and doesn't care). I'm going back in again next week for a review (which I've requested as they seem a bit too content to just let it roll on and on).

I do feel sorry for teens, with hormones and all, - they want to fit in with their peers so desperately. The confusing bit for me is that my daugher's peers seem perfectly lovely (according to my knowledge and the school's feedback), so I don't know where it's coming from.

Maryz Mon 12-May-14 21:39:45

Of course they are lovely to you, they are teenagers and reserve the horror for their own parents grin

Take a step back and look at it from outside the box, and make a list. What exactly (and it has to be exact) is/are the problems? In fact make two lists, one to do with school one to do with home.

Try to be specific - don't say "her attitude" or "her behaviour" - try to narrow down in your own mind what is bothering you. Then having made your list, look at it dispassionately, taking out the emotion, and work out what really matters. Number those things and work on them one at a time, starting with the most important.

While working on the most important things, try very hard to ignore the rest because otherwise you end up having a row about toothpaste lids when you really want to talk about curfews and failing school iyswim.

If she doesn't care about the school report, do they not have worse consequences? ds2 got a Saturday detention shock once and he has taken great care to avoid another.

Thank you for that Maryz. The change was so sudden with DD1. She seems to be a totally different person. I think the rudeness is the worst part. I honestly cannot remember the last time we had a pleasant conversation..

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